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Chanel using Mini for an Advertisement

Pink Chanel Logo

Chanel using Mini for advertising

From Paris Chic Couture a charming picture featuring Christy Turlington with a mini full of Chanel shopping bags. Mini's success transcends the channel.

2019 - Mary Quant Revival

The Mary Quant models still rocking a mini — 50 years on! She's got a new blockbuster V&A show, here Mary's original It-girls reveal why we're still revelling in the fashion revolution she began

Designer Dame Mary Quant is known for pioneering the concept of street style
A new exhibition at the V&A Museum is set to celebrate Mary's 90th birthday
Debates still rage whether Mary or André Courrèges first invented the mini skirt
Women who modelled for Mary in the Swinging Sixties recreated classic looks
Karin Jensen, 70, recalls travelling to Barcelona and Sweden as a model for Mary
Model Hazel Collins says Mary gave women the confidence to love themselves

By Liz Hoggard for the Daily Mail |Published: 3rd March 2019 | Updated: 3rd March 2019


Jill Kennington, 76, modelled for Mary Quant from 1962-1969. A top model, she starred in the 1966 cult film Blow-Up. She is married to Richard Courtauld, and has two grown-up daughters, a step-daughter and a grandson, and lives in Dorset. Growing up on a farm in Lincolnshire, I had this huge compulsion to go to London. Age 19, I arrived to live with an aunt who worked as a buyer at Harrods. I got a job there, and one day I bowled out at lunchtime and saw this amazing boutique called Bazaar [Mary Quant's shop]. It was vibrant, full of colour. Back then, you couldn't find clothes for teenagers — seeing Bazaar was like a light going on. Before long, I met an agent, started as a model and just zoomed up. Norman Hartnell picked me as his mascot, then photographer John Cowan introduced me to Mary. I modelled her mini skirts and did many pictures for her running and jumping. I remember buying a Mini for £500 and getting it spray-painted purple to match my favourite purple Quant outfit. Her shows were totally different. Her girls were fresh and energetic rather than toffee-nosed. We had fun dancing to jazz or wandering among the tables of fashion editors and chatting to them, rather than a formal catwalk.

Jill Kennington article about working for Mary Quant

My adventure began with Mary, and later I worked with Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. I went to the Arctic Circle and the desert with Vogue. And I filmed Blow Up, much of it shot in John Cowan's studio. In the Seventies I lived in Paris and Rome and continued globetrotting for such magazines as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Later, I bought a Nikon and started taking pictures myself. In the V&A exhibition there will be a lovely portrait of Mary which I took (see cover)s. Sometimes I think: 'Oh God, I'm quite old now.' But the key is to stay curious. We're the generation who learned to grasp life. I remember buying my first car, a Mini, and getting it spray-painted purple to match my Mary Quant outfit. As a generation we learned to grasp life - Model Jill Kennington

Midel Jill Kennington

Jill Kennington (pictured modelling for Mary) says her adventure began with Mary, she then went on to work for Helmut Newton and magazines such as Harper's Bazaar - Source : Daily Mail

Jill Kennington tells how she spray painted her Mini purple

1988 - 'Designer' Mary Quant

Quant Bonnet Badge

Black and White Designer Minis

Austin Mini 1988 rare Mary Quant limited edition - only 2,000 manufactured - 1,000 in white & 1,000 in black

Designer Mini

Mary Quant, designer pictured with her appropriately named Mini 'Designer' which came in Black or White exteriors

Designer Interior

And showing the interior which continues the monochrome effect

Advertising the Designer

Designer White

Designer Mini


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