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The Mini Equinox - Designed for Individuals!

According to "A limited edition run of just 750 cars, offered In Anthracite (Charcoal Grey) Platinum (Silver) and Amaranth (Purple) Metallic finishes." This site has images of an example they were selling with very comprehensive interior and exterior views of the Anthracite version - worth having a look! Also worth seeing is Rob Lightbody's dedicated page to the Equinox (some of the images are reproduced below)

Brochure cover for Equinox

Mini Equinox seats

Luxury car seating

Mini Equinox interior

Interior upholstery visibly based on the Sun King logo

Equinox Logo close upEquinox Logo above wheel arch

Close ups of the 'Equinox' logo on the body/wheel arch of the car

Equinox Logo on the boot of the car

Close up of the 'Equinox' logo on the boot of the car

The Mini Equinox

I'd like to know how I managed to miss out on this beauty in 1996!

The Austin Rover Mini Advantage

Promo for Mini Advantage

Mini Advantage Poster

Advantage rare colour plate

A difficult to source colour plate of the Mini Advantage advertising campaign

Mini Advantage Limited Edition

The Official advertisement for the limited edition Mini every Tennis and Mini fan would want to own.

The following images are of a Mini Advantage which was seen for sale on Ebay:

Mini Vital Statistics

The vehicles' vital statistics, apparently it was re-registered in 1992 with only 200 miles on the clock and a catalytic converter added to accommodate emissions regulations.

Mini Advantage

The vehicle as shown on ebay

Advantage and shots

Mini Advantage with additional views

Mini Advantage Side View

Mini Advantage sideways on showing its body artwork

Mini Rear Mini Boot

Rear view and a peek inside a pristine boot!

Mini Interior Front Interior Rear

And the refreshing pale grey and turquoise interior livery front and rear - altogether a very fine example of a Mini Advantage!

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