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Fashionable & Atmospheric Kiosks in Film, Television & Book Covers

It seems that the red telephone kiosk will set an instantly recognisable scene either by location (UK) or time frame (1930s - present day!)

Bill Brysons popular book Notes on a Small Island

You can't have a title like this without a Kiosk gracing the cover and a Morris Minor (or maybe a Mini?) and the ubiquitous Union Jack - image courtesy of and sourced from

2017 - 'Neighbours' comes to London

Neighbours in London

Neighbours Fb page

20th March 2017 - 'Neighbours' moves to London for a week and even devotes its 'cover' photo to the storyline!

Toadie in London

Clearly worried Toadie finds himself using a mobile phone little realising his backdrop of Big Ben and a red telephone kiosk! - images courtesy of Decidertv

Toadie in London

A relaxed Jared 'Toadie' Rebecchi played by Ryan Moloney in London relaxing with two iconic structures in the background - image courtesy of Metro and © of Channel 5

Action shof of Toadie in Londond

Great image courtesy & © of Freemantle Media via Digital Spy

2009 - 2017 - UNC Basketball Ace & 'Game of Thrones' 7'7" Star equals the height of the red Telephone Kiosk

Sadly the death of Neil Fingleton in 2017 reminds us that this gentle giant equals the average red telephone kiosk - Images courtesy & © of 24.7com and Tim Anderson

2016 - Remembering Cilla at the BAFTAs

Cilla at the Baftas 2016

Cilla remembered in the 2016 BAFTA Awards - the image shows Cilla in full British mode - two icons complementing each other - image is a screenshot from the BBC iPlayer website.

2015 - Kiosk features (heavily) in 'The Game'

Poster for BBC2s The Game

Great piece of artwork setting the scene for setting 'The Game' in the Cold War period in the 1970s

The spies in the Kiosk in 'The Game'

"With KGB defectors, a tight-knit group of MI5 agents and news of a Soviet masterplan, there are plenty of observations to be made in the first episode of the BBC’s new 1970s-set spy drama" - so starts the blog ..... And what better to use than a familiar, old-fashioned, original Red Telephone Kiosk to place the action, first of all in the UK, probably London and definitely anywhere between the 1930s to the present day - eternal Kiosk!

Kiosk featuring in BBC2s The Game

For real? Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes) in 'The Game' Photograph: Des Willie/BBC

2014 - El Tel and the Cybermen

Being an unashamed Doctor Who fan I am happy to present:

Cyber Men and Kiosk

More Cybermen

I know! Oh isn't this just brilliant? - Thanks to for the images!

Dr Who and Kiosks

Wonderful action shot with the 'stars' in foreground against the 'real stars' clearly visible in the background - images © of the Huw Evans Agency

Dr WhoDr Who BBC USA

Doctor Who in Cardiff

Peter Capaldi as Dr Who on location with Kiosks and Cybermen - images courtesy and © of the BBC, Wales on Line and

2014 - Recreating Cilla's Liverpool

Sheridan Smith as Cilla Black

How could you recreate Cilla's early years as she rose to stardom without featuring a telephone kiosk (most private homes relied on the public telephone system in the 1960s) - here she is, as portrayed by Sheridan Smith, in the kiosk on Yates Street, Dingle - image courtesy and © of The Liverpool Echo

2014 - El Tel and John Simm's 'Prey'

John Simm in Prey

John Simm with the prop of all props in the new ITV Thriller 'Prey' image © The Huffington Post

2012 - El Tel and 'Shadow Dancer'

Shadow Dancer

Andrea Riseborough in the harrowing film 'Shadow Dancer' (IMDB) - image and review courtesy of Sky Films

1960s / 1990s - The Avengers

In the 1990s a series of comics based on the 'We're needed Mrs Peel' strapline introduced to 1960s 'The Avengers' television series starring Patrick MacNee as John Steed and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel appeared on the news stands, and as so many of the cult television series became cults themselves. The very 'easy on the eye' images of Mrs. Peel on the covers always had a British backdrop to them - naturally the Kiosk was prominent among them!

Avengers Magazine Cover Avengers Magazine cover featuring kiosk

l to r - the original cover featuring a very British view of Steed and Mrs Peel / Mrs Peel is enhanced by the Kiosk backdrop

1965 - Before the Cybermen came the Daleks!

Tlephone Kiosk menaced by the Daleks

17th December 1965: Daleks invade a London street, outside Wyndhams Theatre. Daleks feature in the children's TV series, Dr Who. (Photo by R. McPhedran/Express/Getty Images) - strapline and image © of Getty Images

1955 - The Ladykillers

Ladykillers film poster 1955

Ealing studios film poster advertising 'The Ladykillers' with the kiosk taking centre stage - on closer inspection this appears to be an attempt to recreate a K2 as a prop (made of wood) just look at the frames and the lightweight hinge in the door - image courtesy and © of the British Film Institution

1930s - Let us not forget the legend and origins of Superman

He used a telephone kiosk to transform from mortal to superhero ............. and it looks as if there was a demand for 'cookie' jars and money boxes in the form of the man emerging from the kiosk!

Two views of a money box probably from the first part of the 20th century.

Superman Artwork

The header on this page consists of the stamp design of the telephone kiosk as copyrighted to the Post Office and one of the winter 2010 views of our own 'El Tel' covered in snow.

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