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Kiosk Novelties

Art Work

Cartton of bird, little boy and rabbit in a telephone kiosk

Oh seriously, who could not resist this? Image courtesy & © of

Artwork showing evolution of telephone kiosk

As imagined by and © of

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder in the shape of a kiosk Christmas 2017

New for Christmas 2017 - the Telephone Kiosk shaped bird feeder!

Novelty Teapots

Novelty TeapotNovelty TeapotNovelty Teapot

Novelty TeapotNovelty TeapotNovelty Teapot

Kiosk Olympians!

Olympics 2012 Badge

Phone Covers

Kiosk iPhone cover Kiosk Blackberry cover

l to r - iPhone cover and one for the Blackberry

'Accessorize' handbag and purse

Kiosk Bag Advert

From the website: London calling! Designed to resemble the red telephone boxes lining the streets of the big smoke, this novelty bag will add a pop of city cool to your outfit. This stand-out style is lined in contrast pink fabric, and features a co-ordinating shoulder strap too.

Kiosk Bag showing lid open Kiosk Bag showing extended strapKiosk Bag - full design

l to r - view of the bag with open top / view of bag showing full-length strap / view of the full bag design © Accessorize

l to r - view of the purse unzipped / view of the full purse bag design © Accessorize

Marks and Spencer provide an updated and modern version of a 'Cookie' tin

3-d tin

A box that tells its own story, a police officer knocking on a glass pane to attract the young girls attention as there are people waiting to use the box. A city gent probably worried about his stocks and shares situation; a couple laden with shopping and young child wanting to phone for a taxi and the girls' punk friends hiding around the rear of the box plotting mischief in between blowing bubble gum bubbles - magic!

4 sides of shortbread tin depicting telephone kiosk

Let's not forget the legend of Superman

He used a telephone kiosk to transform from mortal to superhero ............. and it looks as if there was a demand for 'cookie' jars and money boxes in the form of the man emerging from the kiosk!

Superman emeerging from Kiosk Superman emeerging from Kiosk

Two views of a money box probably from the first part of the 20th century.

New style Superman Artwork

Artwork on which a tin (possibly money-box) was fashioned - see index sidebar.

The header on this page consists of the stamp design of the telephone kiosk as copyrighted to the Post Office and one of the winter 2010 views of our own 'El Tel' covered in snow.

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