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I've decided to introduced 'Images of interest' concerning Telephone Kiosks and our Telephone Kiosk endearingly referred to as 'El Tel' because not only do we have a whole slew of pictures of our own kiosk but because there are so many other worthy examples across the internet, my sister's holiday journeying, greetings cards, postcards, calendars and of course memorabilia and film and television which are covered elsewhere.

My favourite picture of El Tel in the Garden

This (without all the 'magic' seamless effect) has always been my favourite picture of our 'El Tel' on a sunny day in our garden framed by my favourite flower, the fuchsia which is why this image has the honour of opening this new Gallery page.

Getty image of a sandbagged kiosk during WWII

Well of course Getty would have images of telephone kiosks wouldn't they? (even though their archivists refer to this one as a 'box' - how prosaic). This is not a tribute to Getty but most decidedly a tribute to all those who served during WWII - 'Telephone Box circa 1939: An ARP warden uses one of Hull telephone exchange's well-protected cream coloured* telephone boxes'. Image and strapline courtesy and copyright of Getty : (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

* That was a bit of a surprise, I wouldn't have thought that a cream coloured kiosk would be anything but a target? However a quick 'Google' search brought forth this article from the Hull Daily Mail!

A kiosk full of freshly sawn logs

This clever image entitled 'Trunk Calls Only' appeared on a Greetings Card courtesy of Liz Hanson Images and appealed to me right royally!

Plenty more to come time permitting!

The header on this page consists of the stamp design of the telephone kiosk as copyrighted to the Post Office and one of the winter 2010 views of our own 'El Tel' covered in snow.

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Page created : 22nd March 2021 (G)