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The reason I've started this page is that I get a lot of really nice comments and it would be a shame to lose them - some have already gone so already I'm too late in some cases!

Website Comment - Anthony Hughes

I've put this one first as it is totally unsolicited (as they all are) but this sort of praise from someone I don't know very well if at all and whom I'd contacted to ask for a favour is worth volumes!


Web comments from James Turner 2021

So, another direct link to my Burgh Island experience, which although it became a non-starter at least had a conclusion which is more than can be said for Charlie (below) - I made the changes he asked for without acknowledgement, or follow-up or producing the image he had offered! But James (above) obviously has a good approach to dealing with people! Looking forward to seeing the show! ('Britain by Beach' starts tomorrow, 6th November 2021)

Website comment about Burgh Island Pirates

Always good to hear from the horses mouth and the error on the Burgh Island home page (which, in my defence, wasn't mine in the first place) has now been rectified with appropriate credit and link as requested by Charlie Nicoli of 994design

Web Comment Black Cat Cigarettes lady

Here's another fabulous e-mail I've received from the son of one of the Black Cat Cigarette ladies who has now been established as Millie Case/Read (née Schnaufer) and proud mother and grandmother in addition to her day job as a Coca Cola model and Black Cat Cigarette Girl!

Web Comments Norwegian Professor Axel

Another professor to add to my collection, this time from Norway - and what nice things he has said! Hope something from what I sent to him bears fruit - who knows maybe another book credit?

Espoir Comms inviting me to join new Angelique page

Not a bad start to the year, although a bit formal, but why not keep things simple and without fuss - so is the wait nearly over I ask myself? Will we all finally realise our long-awaited, sanctioned English read of the missing Angélique saga? Extensive website indeed!


Steve Nett follow-up comment

And a very nice and satisfactory follow-up - it is really gratifying to me personally to realise that my efforts are appreciated!

Pan Pacific Reference e-mail

Happily Steve Nett was able to give me the appropriate provenance for the Pan Pacific Auditorium

Web Query about JJ from Poland

An enquiry about Jadwiga Jędrzejowska and her possible connections with Barbara Brukalska and Stanisław Brukalski - leading Polish streamline moderne artists/influencers who contributed to the Polish Pavilion in the 1937 Exposition held in Paris and co-designed the interior of the MS Piłsudski (the Polish 'Titanic')

Enquiry as to the whereabouts of my former boss Bruce Myles at BBC NottinghamEnquiry as to the whereabouts of my former boss Bruce Myles at BBC Nottingham

Thank goodness this wasn't another enquiry for an obituary!

Web query Samantha from Connexion France

So Sam and I were both in strife for a few months but happily for me - she still hopes to press on with the article. I'm happy to say that after my input I was also able to put her in touch with Anne's daughter, Nadine and that they also got on very well. I can see why Sam wants to expand her article as the space given to this sort of feature in 'The Connexion' is a little sparse to say the least (judging by the example I saw) - probably because it is packed with useful stuff and all in English!!

Samanthat David initial enquiry about Anne GolonSamanthat David initial enquiry about Anne Golon continuation

So here's a great way to start 2020 an invitation to talk about my favourite subject, Anne Golon, which has given me a spur to get on with some outstanding updates that are due on the Anne Golon and Angélique pages! Please visit


Duncan web comments re telephpne kiosks

Duncan kindly replied at length in response to my e-mail thanking him for his comments - regrettably there was no further communication after this nor a link to any website for FMF if indeed there is one. On receipt of this I was chuffed that yet another of my interests had been picked up and commented upon.

Web comment from Anthony Haywood concluding Shubik

In the end quite a lot of information passed between Anthony Hayward and myself - the above is a compilation as there are other areas which I think are too personal for public consumption.

Obituary Enquiry for Irene Shubik 2019

I think the last thing I would expect was to receive an enquiry about my former BBC Boss Irene Shubik but nevertheless approximately 41 years after I was last in contact with her the above arrived!

Website Comment from Jo Buckland

This is a rarity if ever there was one - usually the nutters wade in pointing out all the errors! I'm also not sure about the politically correct 'webmaster' my own husband has saddled me with - I prefer the expression webmistress!

Web Enquiry from Ebba HedlundWeb Enquiry from Ebba HedlundWeb Enquiry from Ebba Hedlund

I have reproduced this message in its entirety as to my astonishment I didn't receive two e-mails that had been sitting on the server for 6 weeks or thereabouts both of which posed specific questions in relation to my website/interests. I was very pleased to have been able to help this most polite Swedish girl in her quest.

Website Comments Kurt

This is the first e-mail that was missed (see above) and I was not as successful in helping Kurt as I was Ebba, but I hope that the National Railway Museum would be able to assist. The photograph Kurt has supplied of his grandparents will make a lovely personal addition to my Art Deco Travel by Rail page

Paer 2 of Ian, the Thraves fan sagaPaer 2 of Ian, the Thraves fan saga

As far as I know nothing further happened or Ian forgot to tell me - it was the time when I was pretty ill and eschewing all technology so I may have missed something, but think rather not!

Paer 1 of Ian, the Thraves fan sagaPaer 1 of Ian, the Thraves fan saga

OK so this starts off with an initial enquiry and becomes a bit of a saga which is why it is in two parts - nevertheless it was fun sharing information in return for the praise.

Praise for website and error pointed out

I've kept the picture in question on the Lido page but have tailored the description to reflect Anna Reid Jones corrective comments (for which I thank her) - hope she enjoys my other features!

A website comment found on Cinema Treasures

This was a pleasant surprise (especially as I didn't find it until 15 moths later - in fairness I had been ill, hospitalised and my e-mail was failing) but it's nice to be recommended on the prestigious and all-knowing Cinema Treasures website who so kindly gave me the fabulous image of the Byron that I have been using! Thanks Dave!


Web Comment from JBRCapital

My 'big fan' Jordan wants me to link to a financial site. It would be nice to think that he had understood what I was doing which is why I include my response. The first message (which never reached me via Windows Live Mail) was stopped at the google server but the second one got through. My reply, however was stopped by Norton, so I have sent a response via the google server - checked out the website (no not using his link) but by googling and that is how I discovered the financial nature of the site but could not find the link to the expensive cars so this, is where it ends! - Should this be here? Why not - he's a 'big fan'!

Website Comments from the University of Western Ohio

Goodness - this one is almost overwhelming and real balm to the soul! Thank you Professor Emeritus, Art History!

These are the two important snippets - to read the whole document (in .pdf format) click on the image

Early Nottingham Beer Festival from Andy Sales

Unexpected (but very welcome) praise on the recent revamping of the Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival which I have had the joy of creating and maintaining since 2010 when the Festival moved to the grounds of Nottingham Castle. In 2018 the challenge of redesigning the entire website as it moves to its temporary home at the Motorpoint Arena has been refreshing.


Howard photographer images

I was a little surprised to get this as I am usually meticulous with crediting the original source or at worst linking to it if not absolutely 100% sure and the link did go directly to the Cinema Treasures site with all the information on, but I have changed the page in accordance with Howard's request. (27th December 2017)

Website Comments from Anna

Another fan of the Black Cat site - unfortunately I couldn't help my namesake as I have no idea of the provenance of the clock she sent a picture of was - it certainly looks more modern than the one in my possession.

Karen Avebury

Another author, Karen Averbury, seeking my advice for a book on the history of the seaside hotel - she could have saved herself the bother and bought a copy of the Midland Hotel book 'Morecambe's White Hope' by fellow author Barry Guise!

Website Comments - Aleksandra

As you can imagine I was very excited to receive this e-mail as it praises my efforts in covering the 'oeuvre' that Anne Golon gave to the world and offers a re-publication in Slovakian! I do hope it happens!

Website Comments ErikaWebsite Comments Erika

Now this is something else - an Art Historian seeking my help - not bad if I say so myself!

Website Comment Chris

Needless to say any praise for my work on the 'Angélique' saga is always well received and this was such a nice compliment!


Website Comments Douglas

Website Comments Douglas and Darren

Darren at Saltdean end comments

Now these were a surprise - first of all Douglas is a renowned historian and author (I seem to get on with authors as a general rule) and I pestered him about the history of the Ocean Hotel after we had visited there. He was very generous with his time and put me onto the Saltdean Info site run by Nikki Fabry to publish my Ocean and Midland Hotel ramblings and now has put my work forward to the new Saltdean website. The comments of their webmaster are very encouraging as well! 'Superb' is such a nice word!

Website Comment James

This, seriously, was totally unexpected - especially the way the message got to me - and incredibly sad, what a burden to be placed on my shoulders - yes, I answered most of the questions he asked for the basis of the obituary but not the 'secret family issues' that had been entrusted to me by Anne and Nadine - those areas, if they wished them to be known would need the Golons permission!

Website Comment Vivian

So I'm quirky - yes, I am and that is why all this is so much fun - lovely pastiche from Vivian and her images feature on the Black Cat home page


Website comments - Stephen Dee

And this is a follow on from the sculptor of some incredible Wilson, Keppel & Betty figurines who not only allows me to use his work but is pretty great about the site too!


Website Comments - Derek

Derek asked me for permission way before Erika approached me - but all's well that ends well!

Website Comment - Alan

Yes another author - Alan Stafford! As he said it was some time since the last time he contacted me and that was to tell me what a fantastic transcription job I had done on his radio show about Wilson Keppel and Betty (wish I could find a copy of the e-mail). This one refers to his new book and he never gave away the fact that he had given me a credit - such excitement!

Website comment from Sally

Sally liked my Black Cat section and allowed me to use her pictures and story which can be found here

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