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September 2014 - the Fans launch a campaign to petition the publishers who refused to commission the translations of the series beyond 'Angélique and the Ghosts' (Complot des Ombres) - to vote for the petition please visit here

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Publication of the Angélique series ceased abruptly in the late 1970s. We appeal to you to overturn the decision not to publish the three outstanding books and any sequels in the English Language.

The ‘Angélique’ series written by Sergeanne Golon was translated from the original French and sold by William Heinemann from the mid-1950s. Publication and sales of the series ceased abruptly, without warning, in the late 1970s.

As recently as 22.05.2014 the novels were highlighted in the UK in a published letter to the Daily Mail. In France the books have been given a new lease of life, primarily as film tie-ins, following the release of the 2013 re-imagined film starring Gérard Lanvin and Nora Arnezeder in the principal roles of Joffrey and Angélique de Peyrac.

The English-speaking fan base has once again entertained high hopes of an English translation through the emergence of the new film and re-publication of the original books in French. Many have already bought the new DVD in the hope of realising their dream to discover more about the eponymous heroine still being re-written by surviving author Anne Golon. Just recently it has been announced that have provided English sub-titles to the newly released DVD.

This fan base has existed since the early 1990s when the Internet brought them together for the first time to discuss and campaign for the missing translations. Readers who were in their mid-20s/30s in the sixties are still clamouring for a conclusion in 2014 – the longevity of the desire and passion to read the conclusion of these books speaks for itself.

There are tribute web-sites to the books in English and other languages and most of the web-owners are working together to share and disseminate information. Facebook has several pages devoted to author, Anne Golon and her oeuvre; the official English-speaking page is run by the team that inherited the dream from the late Harvey J Adkins who brought the group together. The original Yahoo discussion group is still active for those who prefer not to partake in social media.

It is not only important for the many who are still seeking out the conclusion, but it is equally important to remember two of the original members, including the man who brought us all together, who will never realise their desire to read the conclusion.

New readers, including second generation fans who have inherited the passion from their parents, are constantly joining the ranks of the established fan base despite it becoming ever more difficult to source the books from libraries.  They can be found (in all languages, including English), on internet auction sites and second-hand book shops but command vastly inflated prices.

Historically, Heinemann’s cited ‘lack of interest’ as their reason for not ‘commissioning any further translations’ in response to a query sent to them in 1984 (source Mrs. J A. Piper).  Three further books in the series are known to have been written and pan-global translations with the exception of English are still regularly being published today. Fans worldwide are denied these very popular novels without an English translation being available.

This statement does not refer only to native English-speakers being denied the opportunity to read the conclusion of the saga; but also to the many who prefer to read the novels in English rather than in their own native language or the original French and who, together with the English-only speakers have waited decades in the hope of an English translation and publication of the remainder of the series.

The three existing books are: ‘Angélique à Québec’, ‘Angélique, La Route de L'Espoir’, ‘La Victoire d'Angélique’ and the projected fourth book, which will complete the series, is to be called ‘Angélique et le Royaume de France’.

Some of the things you have said reproduced below.

Countries represented : Poland, UK, US, Australia, Norway, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, France, Brazil, New Zealand, Algeria, Sweden, Israel, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy, Hungary.

Petition Mission Statement

We did our best ......

Cornerstone Response

It wasn't enough!

What the Publishers said

Dear dedicated fans of the Angélique series,
Thank you for getting in touch with us - the series clearly has a large and loyal fanbase and we understand the frustration at not being able to read the outstanding novels in English. In the past we have investigated acquiring the rights to publish the series, but unfortunately this is not a possibility for us here at Cornerstone. We're sorry to be writing with disappointing news, but hopefully this project will find a suitable home elsewhere.
With all best wishes,
Posted on September 16, 2014

What you said

(original errors have been left untouched)

From Poland

For me "Angelique" is the best series of historical novels ever written. The wealth of historical details (e.g. these about daily life in the 17th century, customs, clothing, food, cosmetics, medicine, child rearing) is amazing. In fact, one could easily learn a good slice of history by reading these novels alone, without the need to reach for non-fiction.

Besides, Anne Golon created in her work a set of endearing characters, with strengts, but also weeknesses, just like people in real life have them, which is often not the case in other historical novels.

It would really be a pity, if English-speaking readers were denied the conclusion of this brilliant historical saga.

From the United States of America

- When I finished the series 30 years ago I thought that was the end until I discovered through the internet 15 years ago that there are still 3 books still untranslated. I have been waiting so long to finish reading these in English. Please help us!

- My mother has been reading these books since I was a little girl and she would tell me the stories. My first soap opera :)

- I have waited since the late 1970’s for the three books that were written and never translated into English! I want to read these books in English!! Please reconsider!!

- Fan of books since 1960. Waited all these years for closure.

- My Aunt loves these books and does not speak french. She would love to continue to read them.

- I grew up in the late 1960's watching the 5 movies first and later reading the books. They are wonderful and all Angelique readers are impatiently waiting how the saga continues. Please translate and publish the 3 missing volumes.

- For those of us that love this series, and don't have the ability to read other languages, it is unfair that we don't know the end of the story. The people signing this petition are just a minute number of the people who would purchase the book.

- I have read the books that are available many times over the last 40 years and I would dearly love to read the last books for the end of the submission. This is classic story telling at its finest.

- unfinished business is never good. and freedom of the press!

- I first read a book of this wonderful series of Anne and Serge Golon in 1969 when I was 14 years old . In the 1970s I managed to get the Bantam paperbacks before they went out of print and have read the series in English several times. I always felt there was something more to the story - it couldn't just end there. Imagine my surprise in 1996 to discover there area THREE more books not translated into English that comprise the rest of the series. There are many people in the U.S. who have shared their love and affection for these characters who deserve what the rest of the world already knows...what happens in Quebec and beyond for the Peyracs and company. I am now 58 years old....44 years later and the rest of the story is still a mystery to me as English is my sole language. Please translate these historical novels in English for the rest of the world.

- I want my daughter to be able to read them!

- I first began reading Angelique in the 70's in high school, and would love to be able to finish reading it in English now almost 50 years later.

- This series is one of my favorites and I would like to complete reading it in English.

- My all time favorite books. Read and reread them countless times.

- I have loved these books since they were first published, and I can't read French.

- I have waited for 30 years to read these books in English. I love this series and believe others will also love to read them all.

- I've been a fan of the series since I was a teenager and I'd like to read the rest of the series.

- Angelique is my hero, a truly remarkable woman! She is awesome and someone we can all learn from and that our daughters and grandaughters can learn from. Her strength, fortitude, love, compassion, courage, perseverance, ability to learn and apply her knowledge for the good of her family and others, and her willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve what is right, is absolutely amazing! She is a credit to womanhood!
I also love love love Anne Golon! She is truly remarkable like her Angelique, and still going and going! I bought all of her Angelique books except one that I haven't been able to find. I've been waiting for some years for her most recent books to be published, and am a member of Friends of Angelique.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE publish her three yet-to-be published books in the English language, and any sequels that Anne may write in the future. PLEASE!!! You won't be sorry as you'll make a fortune doing this. There are Angelique fans all over the world and I would spread the word mightily that your company has published them. I'm sure every single member of Friends of Angelique and their friends would do the same. Free PR. You can't beat it! (-:

- An English language completion to the Angelique series would so awesome. I adored the series when I was in my 20's. Many scenes and situations have stayed with me throughout the many years. I would love to share these books with my children and grandchildren. Several years ago I ordered a set of 8 of the books online. They still have a musty odor and are yellowed -- not sharable, nor can I re-read these. There are generations ahead of us that will thoroughly treasure the Angelique series, especially in its complete version in English.

- a baulous series by a remarkable author that changed my life forever! PLEASE sign this petition??

- loved the series book..waited for the rest,,NEVER HAPPENED.

- I want to read the ending.

- for all English speaking Angelique fans to enjoy!

- Even though I read in French and German, I would like my children to be able to read the novels, too

- I have waited for so many years to read the remainder of the books that have not been translated into english.

- It's astonishing to me that we need to wait and beg. There are plenty of popular historical fiction works on the market. I like this genre, and I feel that none of these have surpassed the work of Madame Golon. She makes the past come alive. It is this vital quality that makes her work as fresh today as it was when I first encountered it in the 70s. I want to read for myself what happens next. I want to read Madame Golon's revisions of the original work. This lady is an outstanding storyteller. When I think of all the trashy, ill-written work published today it infuriates me that the story of Angelique is neglected and disrespected. I know one day it will happen, but at age 50 I am beginning to worry that it will be too late even for me. Long life and good health to Madame Golon for the work she has done and continues to do.

- I LOVE the Angelique series. I have the nine paperback copies I originally bought in the 1960s-1970s and a few years ago found them all in hardcover. I read the first four books right before I traveled to Paris and was astounded at the historical information I'd learned from the books. Not being able to read French, I've always been terribly disappointed not to have the last three books in the series and kept hoping for the day they would be available. PLEASE, PLEASE publish them. The series fans do still exist and it's a great way to introduce the series to new readers. The books and characters are timeless.

- I read this books back in 70's and loved them. When I found out there were more books I was excited until I found out that they had not been translated into English. My French is not good enough to read a book in French.

- I have read the series a total of 9 times now and want to read the final books.

- Angelique is one of the best written historical fiction series I have ever read. I have dog eared paperback copies of the originals, but I can't finish the story because they aren't published. please!

- I enjoyed the original books that were published in English and collected the old paperback editions. I would buy a new set in a heartbeat, especially if it included translated copies of the new books.

- Years ago I read the Angelique series and LOVED it. I have tried in vain to find the 3 most current books in English. I searched for years for the sequels in US bookstores to no avail. I retired in 2012 and began searching the internet bu without success. The books are out of print and the most current books are only available in French. I wish my daughters could read these wonderful books. Please, please, please translate these books into English so that current historical novel lovers such as myself can have access to them. And re-release the previous books so that the current generation can enjoy them. Thank you.

From Australia

- This is the best book series I have ever read in my life, and it will devastate me to never learn how it ends.

- I love the books and have read them more than 6 times each. I've been waiting for a long time for the rest of them to be translated to English. Really don't understand what's the problem. There is no lack of interest. Whoever read them in the past will for sure want to read the rest of them. Plus many others.

- I first read these books way back when I was 13 and have re read numerous times. The best historical novels I have read and I would love to be able to finish reading the series. I remember getting them in paperbook and scoured the book shops for years to get them in hardback. Please consider printing the final novels in english so that we may enjoy angelique once more and most importantly know what happens to her and the other characters ;-)

- The Angelique series if one pf the best books whivh I ever read eith only one bih sppil - there is no end. Please start to publish it again.

- The best book series so far. And only one who I can re-read every year. But after so many years I would love to know the ending.

- I am so looking forward to reading the last 3 books in English translation.

- I want to read the last 3 books in English as I don't read French.

- Long term fan, waited 40 years to find out what happened!!

- waited most of my life to read the last 3 books.... and I am running out of life!

From Austria

- Read them in English first, still have them on my bookshelf after a long time.

- We all have been waiting for too long! Want finaly read the books in English!

- Angelique is a great heroine, a modern woman, loving, caring, but also a true fighter who protects her love and her family. I wish so much that the English speaking world can read how the story continues.

From the United Kingdom & Scotland

- I have been waiting for 40 years in the hope that the complete Angelique series would be translated into English.

- This superb series of superiorly written and meticulously researched historical novels, were very much enjoyed worldwide by millions in the 1960s and 1970s but have been very sadly overlooked for the last 3 or more decades in the English speaking world. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 untranslated novels, but in order to do so, I had to learn to read them in French! Quite a labour of love I assure you!
It is high time that other English speakers have the opportunity to read the last 3 novels without having to learn a foreign language to do so! For my part I can’t wait to read the conclusion to the series (‘Angélique et le Royaume de France’) currently being written by Angelique’s creator Anne Golon.
Reissuing the series in English and in particular translating and publishing for the first time the 3 previously untranslated novels and long-awaited finale, will not only give enormous pleasure to those English speakers worldwide who remember the novels with nostalgia; but also to 3 or more decades of a whole new readership.

- A fan of Angelique for the past 50 years.

- I started reading these books as soon as they were published in the UK. I am now 71 years of age and before I die I would very much like to read the rest of the series. Anne and Serge Golon, because of their extensive research complied a truly gripping set of books of the lives of two French people and their family. They put a great deal of work into making the facts fit the story and the other way around. Once one has read the first book you just cannot put the books down. It is a truly compelling story, well written, as I have said well researched which is why so many fans, like myself, are still desirous of reading the rest of the series. Unfortunately, due to them not being published in English this has been denied them. There truly is a broad fan base of people from many countries who wish to read these books and those that are not yet translated. I hope and pray that the remaining books will be translated into English and be published very soon. I have waited so long to find out what becomes of the characters in these books.

- Love Angelique and want to finish reading the series.

- These books are exceptional, and are still being read by many who have been waiting years for an English translation of the remaining volumes. They are extremely well researched historical fiction with well drawn characters and an exciting plot line. Fans of other series such as those wrtitten by Diana Gabaldon and Dorothy Dunnett would enjoy the Angeloque series and the recent film will attract many new as well as old readers. Please do it !!

- This is a landmark series that I discovered in the early 1960s and was more than disappointed that the books were terminated before reaching a satisfactory conclusion. The author, now aged 90+ still wishes for the series to be concluded and is re-writing to ensure closure.

- Because I have waited a long time to discover the conclusion.

- I have been a fan for many years and have waited long enough to read these novels but for the publishers action.

- It seems unfair to not translate these last few books!

- This series of books had me hooked during my late teens and 20's, meticulously researched history added to thrilling plotlines and a compelling love story. I learnt more of history reading these books than I ever did at school and personally would love to see them re-published in their entirety to reach new generations, as well as the translation into English of the three books many of us have waited four decades to read!

- When I first met my wife, she had two quests to fulfil. The first was the restoration of the Midland Hotel in Morecambe (now achieved) and the publication of the Angélique books in English. She has worked ceaselessly in campaigning for these books to be published and in the ensuing 20 years since I have known her has found the missing books in French and read them, bought the entire series in Polish and read them. Met the author Anne Golon and become friends with her and her daughter. She has met an inordinate number of people (as have I) in the intervening years in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. She has created her own tribute website to the author and the books and it is currently the only authoritative site in the English language since the demise of the sanctioned English language site. I believe she deserves all the encouragement she can get to complete this particular quest.

- Sees a great shame not to publish the three outstanding books in English as they would reach a massive additional audience....

- I have read the entire series in French, but know that my daughter's French would not be up to such a feat, and I would like her to share in the pleasure of these books. I am eagerly awaiting "Angelique et le Royaume de France" to complete my reading. Incidentally, I would be happy to translate theses novels into English, if anyone would like to offer me a contract!

- I first read these books when I started commuting to work in 1966. Wonderful storyline and lots of historical and geographical references, which with years of travelling in France, USA, and the Mediterranean have made more meaningful.... I have just re-read the series...and am checking out the details of the background references, but just feel so cheated that the final set are literally a 'closed book' to English speaking fans, some of more than 50 years standing! Such a pity i cannot share Angelique's story now, as I retire, and see how her life moved on as she aged alongside me.......

From Norway

- I love the book series, and I don't read French!

From the Czech Republic

- I want to read the books in English.

From the Netherlands

- I have been waiting for soo long for the english translation. Want to know how the story went on.

From Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Same reasons as everybody else - want to read the new books. Also need subtitles for the new movie in English (the ones I found are 'Google' translated...

From Canada

- This wonderful series is a "classic" that deserves to endure and be discovered by new generations as well as enjoyed by "older" fans.

- These are the best quality of literature; novels of ideas, of passion, of values, of goodness and evil -- along with historical adventure and unforgettable characters. I first read the 5 novels when I was 17, and I have been reading 8 of them every since; I'm a senior citizen now.

- I love these books, without knowing how they end is awful and I would be SO happy to be able to read the rest of the books and to watch the new movie in english :)

- Love the Angelique books - didn't know there were outstanding ones.

From France

- Je trouve ça révoltant qu'une série comme Angélique ne soit pas traduit en intégralité. C'est un manque de respect envers les lecteurs de ne pas traduire la fin.

- C'est bien.

From Brazil

- Because I've read the last books translated to my native Portuguese and want all English-speaking readers to have the same possibility!

From Germany

- Weil jeder das recht hat diese Bücher zu lesen

From Hungary

- would like to read the ending as I am very curious what happens to these fabulous characters.

Record of Petition Messages

Final TU Link to FB

Message History for 'Cornerstone Publishing: Publication of the Angélique series ceased abruptly in the late 1970s. We appeal to you to overturn the decision not to publish the three outstanding books and any sequels in the English Language.'

Response from Cornerstone

Sent on: Sep 17, 2014 - 171 recipients

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to support this petition. A response has been received from Cornerstone. It is open, transparent and closes the door very firmly on any hopes of future publishing rights. This is a huge disappointment but should give closure to the majority of our supporters. Here is the response : "Dear dedicated fans of the Angélique series, Thank you for getting in touch with us - the series clearly has a large and loyal fanbase and we understand the frustration at not being able to read the outstanding novels in English. In the past we have investigated acquiring the rights to publish the series, but unfortunately this is not a possibility for us here at Cornerstone. We're sorry to be writing with disappointing news, but hopefully this project will find a suitable home elsewhere. With all best wishes, Cornerstone Posted on September 16, 2014"

What you've said so far ......

Sent on: Sep 10, 2014 - 108 recipients

  1. From the simple and heartfelt “I want to read the ending” to the charming “I want my daughter to be able to read them!” your comments are as varied as your countries of origin – we are truly a multi-cultural society! Thank you for leaving comments on the petition web-site. If I had to choose one comment to give a prize to it would be: “Je trouve ça révoltant qu'une série comme Angélique ne soit pas traduit en intégralité. C'est un manque de respect envers les lecteurs de ne pas traduire la fin.” Meaning – “I find it shocking that a series such as Angélique has not been translated in its entirety. Not translating the end of the series shows a great lack of respect towards the readers.” I have updated my web-site to incorporate links to the petition:

 'Like' the Comments

Sent on: Sep 10, 2014 - 102 recipients

Hello - you can 'like' the comments made by voters. I think it will be valuable to further our cause if you read the comments and 'like' all of them or at least the ones you particularly like. Thank you to you all.

Congratulations Top 100

Sent on: Sep 10, 2014 - 100 recipients

Congratulations everyone we had reached the first target of 100 votes - a big thank you to Robert for being the 100th voter! So what's next? Can each of you recruit one more person so we have 200 by this time tomorrow? Let's call it a challenge .......


Sent on: Sep 09, 2014 - 8 recipients

    1. For your information - we were originally targeting the CEO of Random House publishing. Having spoken to them on the telephone, it is recommended that we appeal directly to the original 'arm' of William Heinemann now called Cornerstone publishing. E-mails will now be directed there.

    Petition Closed

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