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2018 - Purple Angelica revisited

This lovely plum-coloured umbellifer – which means it has showy clusters of tiny flowers – comes from Korea and Japan and prefers rich, damp soil. Although it initially is far less impressive than standard angelica, in mid-July it throws up a 6ft-tall stem topped with a sheafed bud that opens to reveal flowers of deep burgundy.

Angelica Gigas

Monty chose Angelica gigas as this week's plant for its popularity with wildlife - image and dialogue as it appears in the Daily Mail article

No plant is more popular with butterflies, hoverflies, bees and wasps. It is a monocarpic biennial or short-lived perennial, which means that once it has set seed it dies – but the seeds will produce a rash of seedlings that can be moved to wherever you wish.

Purple Angelica

Article about Purple Angelica

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