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AleksandrSergeiMaiyaYakovVassilyBogdanBaby Oleg as OlafAyana Portrait

In 2016

Aleksandr as Batman

Sergei as Superman

In 2017

Aleksandr as Luke Skywalker

Sergei as Obi Wan Kenobi


Baby Oleg as BB8





We love being entertained

Google search featuring Enterainments page

When doing a Google Search for the latest billboard ads I found this page on google - fame at last!

Logo - two mardi gras masksLogo - two mardi gras masksLogo - two mardi gras masks

The 'Compare the Market' advertisements featuring meerkats have caught our fancy! New links links (pix and biogs)

Meerkat Spoof

An interesting spoof following on from the cold war tactics following the tragedy of chemical poisonings committed on British sovereign soil in March 2018 and resulting in the expulsion of Russian diplomats and apparently Meerkats! - Source UK Cop Humour

Aleksandr Orlov, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, gallant hero of our times ....... don't forget author

Aleksandr Orlove Founder of the Dynasty All five of the Orlov Toys

is pictured here holding a copy of his scintillating biography which is jam-packed with the adventure that is his life and all his good works. One also gets to know his ancestral history which is many and varied from the deserts of Kalahari to that special place - Meerkovo which has its own web-site..

Meet the Team (as recorded on the Aleksandr Orlov Fb page)

Orlov Team Toys

Left to right - top row - Vassily, Yakov and Maiya - bottom row - Sergei, Aleksandr and Bohdan

Introducing Aleksandr

Handsome, talented and stylish aristocrat founder of, when not comparing meerkats he is try to teach fur brained peoples the difference between meerkat and market.

Introducing Sergei

What can be said about Sergei… he is head of IT, one of Aleksandr's oldest friends and… is moulting. He was once the head of ‘Meer’ space station project but he left to get dream job at Rumours that he was fired are untrue.

Introducing Maiya

The beautiful Maiya is the teacher in Meerkovo primary school. Many pups were receive excellent grades thanks to her, but since clogged she has found it difficult to maintain control over the class.

Introducing Yakov

Yakov is an elder of the village. He is quiet and shy and prefer to be alone at his workbench than out and about. Yakov sharp as a whip and very wise… but not very good at Meeropoly.

Introducing Vassily

Vassily is run a record store in Meerkovo. He plays bass and used to roadie for Iron Meerkat back in the 80’s but now he spends most of his day selling bubble-gum pop records to meerpups.

Introducing Bogdan

Bogdan is a local pup who studies at Meerkovo primary. Since his favourite website crash with people looking for insurance he has started to act naughty and get bad grades. Bogdan also holds record for longest time under dunce cap.

Introducing Baby Oleg -

Baby Oleg has his own special blog!


Baby Oleg Toy and Grub


This is Oleg toy you can adopt by demonstrate you know the difference. He will arrive on your doorstep in moses basket just like he did on mine. He will be as cute as the real Oleg but be 153% less messy and loud. He will be wear designer bug pattern baby grow with fresh nappy underneath perfectly fitted by Sergei. He will also come completes with his favourite toy 'Mr Grub' to help him (and you) sleep at night time.


Profile (as Olaf)

Oleg is our most beloved meerpup. He is curious and always want to discover new places. Is why he was so excited for live in Africa with other safari meerpups. He is sociable and he play in the sun all day with best friend, Ayana. He already catch beetles with his own little paws, but he still has a lot to learn about life in Africa from her. Oleg loves film Disney Frozen, and so he dream about snowy place where he is dress up as favourite character, Olaf. Like the snowman, he is full of energy and ready to have fun with Ayana.

Likes: Disney Frozen, Olaf, Sleeping
Favourite Occupation: Building sand/snowkats
Favourite Colour: Grub green.
Best Friend: Ayana Favourite Food: Beetle bits.

Introducing Ayana

Ayana as Elsa

Ayana is little meerpup who live with baby Oleg in African village. She has big, cute eyes, but don't be fool by that; she can be mischievous and up for shenanigans. Oleg is tell me how they catch bugs together and race each other around village. She is help him with culture difference, and he is tell her stories about life in Meerkovo. Her favourite Disney Frozen Character is Elsa. She look even more adorables in blue princess dress. She may not have real ice powers, but she is very likely to melt your heart.


Likes: Disney Frozen, Elsa
Favourite Occupation: Making sand angels
Favourite Colour: Blue
Best Friend: Oleg
Favourite Food: Melted bugsicles

Meerkats update

Family update l to r Sergei, Aleksandr holding Baby Oleg, Yakov, Bogdan, Maiya and Vassily

Meerkat Family Update

Meerkat Family and their toy equivalents l to r Aleksandr, Maiya, Vassily, Yakov and Sergei
Front row l to r Baby Oleg and Bogdan



Aleksandr Rewards


Sergei Rewards


Maiya Rewards


Yakov Rewards


Vassily Rewards


Bogdan Rewards


We love Sergei and Bohdan and all the Meerpups!

Here we see them, full of pride,with their school banner (see Sergei in the b/g?)

Meerpups with Banner

Here is Sergei, tussling with a dog, bravely saving the Aleksandr toy from being ripped to pieces!

Sergei fights off live dog!

And then there were the Billboards!

Billboard Advertising

Bogdan (made from 100% cute) appeared first, on Flickr :

Bogdan Billboard on Flcikr

Then yesterday I found Sergei (with added moulting feature) on the Hucknall / Bulwell boundary :

Sergei Billboard

Luckily we have now found the beautiful Maiya (Detention Slips Not Included) on two billboards in Sneinton practically next to each other!

Maiya Billboard in Sneinton Nottingham

I know - Bogdan again, but this time our own photo also in Sneinton!

Bogdan again this time in Sneinton

The hunt is on for Yakov (saw one outside the railway station, but didn't have camera with me and when we went there a couple of days later he had gone!), Vassily and Aleksandr himself.

Vassily Billboard

We found 'bad boy' Vassily 'with extra bad attitude' although the lighting is not doing him any favours! - But Yakov was terribly shy and did not re-appear. Aleksandr, also would not favour us with an appearance.

As for the prices the toys are selling at on ebay - it's OMG time!

The 'Save Our Sergei!' Campaign (which didn't happen can be found here)

Second Wave of Billboard Advertising - even better!

I thought I'd place Yakov first as he was missing in the first set - he comes with 'Soldier not included'

Vassily was missing for a long time so he gets second billing despite coming with 'guitar not included'!

Poor Sergei what he has to put up with and the ironing board isn't even included!

Aleksandr billboard falcon

In Aleksandr's case 'Pet Falcon not included.'

And this time Bogdan comes without 'bogies'!

Specials Billboards for Agent Maiya

Agent Maiya in Billboard special

Agent Maiya parachuting

Postcard from Meerkovo

August 2014 postcard

Pre-Baby Oleg days - August 2014

Meerkovo letter

The end for Meerkovo?

Orlov reading newspaper

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