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Women of WWII Memorial

The Women of World War Two Memorial stands next to the Cenotaph in Whitehall and was sculpted by John Mills who was also responsible for the fire fighters memorial outside of St Paul's Cathedral. The memorial deliberately does not depict any individual women and is a tribute to all seven million who contributed to the war effort.  

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The Arts

Who is to say what is and what isn't art? I believe it to be in the eye of the beholder - I may see an image - such as the art deco 1930s fuchsias used on these pages and feel that I really want to feature them somewhere because otherwise I feel they may become lost. I play around with an image until I get it as I want to see it and I think these work in both the purple and the hues of eau-de-nil/turquoise or as some would have it 'swimming pool blues/greens' that I have used. The original is sepia and very beautiful but very bland.

This section will be dedicated to all manner of areas that may or may not be classed as The Arts - Entertainment, Television and Films are already covered elsewhere on the site - the Theatre, Imagery and Advertising will be somewhere in here or linked to avoid duplication.

This section will be very subjective - please be warned as occasionally I do have a very quirky approach to visual images and which may not appeal to everyone.

Qomen's monumebt

Women's Monument

I am intrigued by the monument dedicated to the women of world War II and wish there was more information available - what I do know is on the sidebar.

Imperial War Museum - World War II

Imperial War Museum Artwork Polish & British at Monte CassinoImperial War Museum Artowrk Polish & British ArmyImperial War Museum Artowrk Polish & British Royal NavyImperial War Museum Artowrk Polish & British Royal Air Force

I found these items of Imperial War Museum artwork whilst researching images of interest for my mother's memoirs - the reference to Monte Cassino is also, of course, linked to my father who was one of the action's decorated heroes - and liked the concept so much that I have shown the original find plus the three armed forces which were labelled 'hand in hand'.

Paris 2015

The terrible tragedy of Friday, 13th December was received and acknowledge globally and the results can be viewed here however, this simple drawing conveys the strength of those who will not be cowed!


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