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A sad day for christianity (11.02.2013) in general as we hear that Pope Benedict XVIth resigns - unprecedented in the long history of Peter's succesors

Pope Gregory XVIth

Text of resignation here

Lightning strikes St. Peter's moments after the announcement

St Peters hit by lightning

Cover of Clowns of God by Morris West

Did Morris West have a premonition?


And if anyone ever wondered - Cats do indeed rule!

New Monopoly Cat toy

Meet the new Monopoly Cat!


Aga starts 2013 as she means to go on!

Aga signing autographs

Adoring fans clamouring for the Radwanska sisters autographs (Urszula is in the background behind Agnieszka)

Fed Cup 2013 Results Board

Final result of the Group 1 playoffs

Leads Poland to Federation Cup Triumph

Agnieszka with Sydney Trophy

Champion of Sydney - January 2013

Agnieszka Radwanska Auckland Trophy

Champion of Auckland - January 2013


Runner Up in the Spyke Golding Literary Award 2012 - my sister Marysia

Spyke Golding Literary Award Winners


New Biba Exhibition Launched!
'Biba and Beyond'

Exhibition Flyer

BH 70s


This web-site is constantly under review and still being constructed or updated so do please keep visiting to see what is new!

Walking Cat

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Previous Noteable Front Page Stories

Monopoly Cat


Agnieszka Radwanska Auckland winner

Elizabeth and Margaret 1937

Aga Brussels Trophy


Save Sergei

BH OBE 2012

HNY 2012

Anne Golon 90th birthday

St Nicholas

China Open 2011

Saved Squirrel Kittens

Dr Who Mini

Sergei's Billboard

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Daily Telegraph Kiosk article

Novak and Kveta Wimbledon Champions

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LJB with Siamese and Cat

John Paul II Commemorative Stamp

John Paul II Unveiling

St George Mini