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Hucknall Cinemas

Hucknall finally has a functioning cinema housed in the original purpose built 'Byron'. It no longer has to bear the shame of having been built as a cinema in the 1930s and made to survive as a Bingo Hall utilising only the ground floor of the building in the late 20th and early decades of the 21st centuries.

But still there used to be two ........


Byron Cinema Bingo sign

It was purpose built in 1936 and the architect was local specialist Alfred J Thraves. The picture house was named after the world famous and infamous but august Lord Byron!

(Photograph of the Byron Bingo column courtesy of G Barr)

Wiki entry here


Scala Cinela front entrance

The Scala was a much earlier picture palace despite its more obvious Streamline Moderne frontage. It is known that the cinema was renamed in 1914 and temporarily closed in 1930 for 'sound' to be installed. It is likely the owners took advantage of the closure to modernised the front at around the same time.

Despite its superior external architectural design the Scala was demolished and disappeared from the Hucknall landscape in 2008.

(Image of the Scala courtesy of postcard reproduced in the Hucknall Dispatch)

Happy Days with Hopalong Cassidy

NOSTALGIA raised a lump in my throat the other day as I saw the last wall of the old Scala Cinema on Annesley Road in Hucknall crash to the ground under the tracks of a giant bulldozer.

I remembered, so vividly, what a great part this old building had played in my childhood years.

My mind flashed back to those poverty-stricken, albeit happy, years of the 1930s when my hard-earned twopence spending-money, clutched in an excited, sweaty little hand, was handed over at the Scala's Saturday 'Twopenny Rush' film show.

My chums and I cheered the heroes and booed the villains in the exciting cowboy-and-Indian pictures. And I remember when Hopalong Cassidy was quicker on the draw than the villains and his old sidekick, Gabby Hayes, who could drown beetles from his baccy-chewing jaws.

Tom Mix was another boyhood cowboy hero who, no doubt, taught us kids right from wrong with his clean living and honest roles. It was a time when good always defeated evil and was an object lesson for us all to follow.

I hope there are still some other Dispatch readers who remember those happy childhood days, which I shall always remember with affection. I felt I had to make some comment over the Scala's passing.

MR W.Teece, Greenwood Avenue, Hucknall

A campaign, to restore the Byron as a cinema, by local enthusiasts 'The Byron Community Project' has begun.

FB pages here and website here

MV Kalakala

RV Kalakala

The MV Kalakala in full steam

Advertising Art

Max Ponty design for Radiola

Max Ponty (1904-1972) in 1928 for Radiola Radios

Domenico Lubatti Sports Poster 1932

Domenico Lubatti Sports Poster 1935

Domenico Lubatti (1904 - post 1943) 1932 & 1935 promotional Sporting posters

Am Cassandre wine advert

A M Cassandre advert for Dubonnet

A M Cassandre advert for Dubonnet

From A.M. Cassandre (1901 - 1968) some fun adverts for wine and Dubonnet

Read Books in March

Albert Solon (1897-1973) entreating us to read

Art Deco Swimsuits Catalogue Sale

1934 swimsuits

1930s wool swimsuits

All wool worsted swimsuits

On the cusp 1930-1940 swimwear

For more visit

Bette Davis

And a real pièce de résistance - the Bette Davis Bathing Suit!































































Why Art Deco?

Why not? The imagery and innovative style of the period really appeals to me!

Seasons Greetings

Christmas 2020 is approaching at speed!

New Year Clock Art Deco Style

What nicer way to greet someone in the New Year or to this page? - Welcome

Spider Web Perfume Bottle Czech origins

Spiders Web Perfume Bottle by Heinrich Hoffman - Czech origins - who wouldn't want one to grace their home?

Art Deco Halloween fun

Adding to Spiders Web Perfume Bottle a lovely Halloween Damsel - a popular theme in the 1920s and 30s by Bridge Tally Graphics via rookno.17

There's something about the shapes used during this period that really appeals and the use of eau-de-nil complemented in a range of colours in the pink and purple domain makes it the perfect combination for me.

Floral Art Deco Design compining greens and purples

I actually found this page on my web-site by doing a search on something completely different - that was a little spooky I have to say but I'm glad I came across it because I found a spelling error which I have now rectified!


Stanislawa Welska performs an exotic dance

Stanisława Welska performs an exotic dance which produces a dramatic shadow by sasha 1933

The Albertina Rasch Girls

The Albertina Rasch Girls who appear in the show 'Wild Violets'. From top to bottom Inga Anderson, Nosie Dale and Vida McLain by sasha 1932

Ladies who Party!

1930s Film Starlet partying

1930s Film Starlet partying colourised

Apparently the 'colouration process' was done circa 1948 and it's quite astonishing how the colouring process does actually change the whole feel of the original 1930s b&w image - to me the picture has lost its vibrancy and is stodgy and heavy and I think the colours are wrong - the frock would likely have been silver, possibly a pale eau-de-nil and those maroon, grey and dark blue shades are not 1930s. I believe they too could have been shades of white, grey, charcoal and possibly enhanced by the popular pink and eau-de-nil shades so beloved of the time.

1937 Exposition - Paris

Expo Collage Getty

International Exhibition, May to November', 1937. From The Sphere - Coronation Record Number. (The Sphere, London, 1937). © Getty Images

The GB Pavilion showcased the work of Oliver Hill and his team of the two Erics Gill and Ravilious and Marion Dorn with whom he had collaborated with on the Midland Hotel and other projects. Eric Gill created the font type for the London Underground and Ravilious interest in tennis made the sport so prominent in the pavilion created for the Paris 1937 Expo. All Pavilions are featured in the Section Etrangéres programme here


Such style! This may merit a page of its own - let me think about that one! - Here are two of my favourite 'off colours' - not quite 'eau-de-nil' and not quite 'ashes of roses' - perfect!

Outdoor Pursuits

Female Gymnastics Poster 1932

Original vintage poster: Female Gymnastiques, Vichy 1932, 13th Federal Competition, French Female Federation of Gymnastics and Physical Education. Designed in an Art Deco style by B. Pouzadoux, Paris, France. Sourced from

I love how the V of Vichy is utilised in the art of the time on a variety of posters and artwork.

Art Deco Swimmers

I suppose today this would be classed as a 'wallpaper' for the computer - although I'm not a keen fan of the combined colour wave - I do like this image of lady swimmers - Papercut by LouTaylorStudio

I have dedicated a section to the Lidos, Open Air Pools, Swimming Stadia etc. as this particular outdoor pursuit was exceptionally popular in the 1930s and gave us some really stunning buildings, many now obliterated from their original sites/


Transport Poster Bright Hours

London Transport produced some remarkable artwork during the 1930s - this is a particularly interesting example, designed in 1931 by an unknown American artist. It advocates travelling on the underground during the 'Bright Hours'. The poster was recently sold at auction for £14,400.00.

Poster claiming underground train every 90 seconds

This London Transport poster was designed by Abram Games in 1937. London Transport's logo appeared not only on signs and leaflets, but also in many creative publicity poster designs.

London Underground

With thanks - of course to Eric Gill

Gill's Sketch for what would become the London Underground Logo remaining unchanged and being globally instantly recognisable

And some background history relating to the Underground sign

Mornington Crescent Tube Sign

A lovely example of the finished product - underground station is opposite the Black Cat Factory

The Coronation Scot, Silver Jubilee and Mallard

As I was searching transport details I found The Coronation Scot. I didn't know this existed although I have always been a big fan of the shiny blue Mallard. Thanks to the National Railway Museum Blog for an excellent insight. As with London Transport all the train artwork is so inviting!

The Coronation Scot TrainThe Silver Jubilee TrainThe Mallard Train

From l to r images of The Coronation Scot, Silver Jubilee and the Mallard trains

Kalakala (The Flying Bird) 1934-2015

The Kalakala Publicity Poster

The world's first streamlined vessel - now another icon lost forever!

A comprehensive history can be found on a dedicated web-site here and promotional postcards here dedicated page here

The Orient Express Renaissance

1981 Poster for the revitalised Orient Express

Modern Poster for the orient express

Keeping the luxury alive in this modern poster for the revitalised Orient Express

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