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Christmas 1976

From 1986 - a lovely advert - and of course it is viewable on YouTube

Accompanying description : "Occasionally, very occasionally, a car advert comes along that melts the hearts of even the most cynical of viewers. The kind of advert that makes people just a little bit dewy-eyed, particularly at Christmas. And this is it - the Mini television ad from December 1986.

Not a single word is spoken. It doesn’t need to be, as this advert’s all about the visuals and the fitting soundtrack of ‘The First Noel’.

It starts with a silver D-reg Mini pulling in to a snow-covered driveway, its occupants heading indoors to join in the Christmas festivities. Suddenly the Mini spots a friend in the shape of D748 DAC, a bright red Mini straight ahead. Their eyes (okay, headlamps) meet, and the two Minis roll across the snow towards each other until they’re touching front bumpers under the mistletoe. The advert ends with one simple message, ‘Minis have feelings too’."

Mini Love

This is exactly how I feel about all my minis - mine cost a little more after the strikes had finally been resolved!

Mini in sexist Ad from 1970s

A 1973 advert (deemed sexist these days) but that would have been me (and in London too!)

Mini Advertising 1976

This is an advert from 1976 but it could easily have been from 1972 when I bought my first Mini - a British Leyland, Teal Blue Mini 1000


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