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1959 - 2019

Happy 60th Birthday Mini!


Memorably on creating this page, I also created my tribute to 60 years of Mini by creating a logo for my personal use and which will appear on my car in the format of a sticker - photos to come of course. In the meantime, the provenance of this design is based on the (and to date my favourite) logo created for Mini 25 in 1984!

Mini 60 Logo designed by meMini 60 Logo reverse designed by me

My 'homage' to the 60th anniversary of the Classic Mini!

1959 - 1984

Happy 25th Birthday Mini!

The celebrations for the 25th Anniversary/Birthday celebrations were held at Donington Park and I was there (photos to follow when I find them) I'm delighted I was able to participate as a few short months later my leg broke and I was incarcerated until 1991.

Mini 25 with Austin Rover flash

Mini 25 Anniversary

Mini 25 Anniversary featuring the special edition and Mini Logo - image and narrative sourced from

Sunday classic: Austin Mini 25

Posted on April 29, 2012 by Ronan Glon

Much like the current BMW-designed MINI, the original model was available in many special editions throughout its long production run. One of them was the Austin Mini 25, launched in July of 1984 as a way to celebrate the car's 25th anniversary. Since a 25th anniversary is sometimes referred to as a silver anniversary, every example of the Mini 25 was finished in a metallic shade of silver. Red "Mini 25" decals were affixed to both quarter panels and on the trunk lid, while a red and gray adhesive band ran down the car's side to contrast with the silver paint.

The Mini 25 sat on 12-inch steel wheels that featured the number 25 on the center caps. The windows were tinted, and the mirrors, door handles and the bumpers were painted in flat black. The red, silver and gray treatment continued on the inside. The seats were upholstered in gray velour with red accents, and a similar motif was found on the door panels. The three-spoke sport-style steering wheel was adorned by the same 25 logo that was found on the wheel's center caps, and in case passengers forgot how old the Mini was, the logo was also stitched into the front seatbacks. All 25s came standard with a cassette player, a tachometer and front disc brakes.

Embroidered Logo

No changes were made under the hood. The Mini 25 was powered by the same 42 horsepower 998cc four-cylinder that was found in many other members of the Mini lineup at the time. It was bolted to a four-speed manual transmission that, of course, spun the front wheels. Only 5,000 examples of the Mini 25 were built. 3,500 of them were sold in England and the rest were exported throughout Europe. The model's specification sometimes varied from country to country; for example, the 25s sold in France did not have tinted windows. The Mini 25 retailed for £3,865 in its home country. Despite the special place that the 25 occupies in the Mini's history, many models were driven into the ground and consequently scrapped. Others underwent a host of mechanical and interior modifications, making unmolested examples quite rare, and model-specific spare parts even rarer. Source :

From the official Sales Brochure for the Mini 25 :

A Jubilant Mini

Motoring's greatest little character, the Austin Mini, celebrates its Silver Jubilee this year - and that calls for something really special in the way of commemoration. It takes a rare breed of car indeed to stay ahead of fashion for twenty-five years and still be a hot favourite. So it's not surprising that Austin Rover's designers have really gone to town to create a magnificent anniversary special. The Mini 25 limited edition.

Immaculate Turn-Out

Choosing the right colour was straightforward - the lustrous Silver Leaf clearcoat metallic finish was tailor-made for the job, and shows off the Mini's lovable contours to their best advantage. Harmonising with this classy silver there is tinted glass and a special set of dark grey Nimbus accessories - bumpers, radiator grille, wheelarch mouldings and door handles while the car's signature is a 'Mini 25' motif incorporated in decals along the waistlines and on the boot lid. The Mini 25 is distinctively shod, with low-profile, high-grip tyres on 12-inch wheels with stylish moulded hub covers; front disc brakes are also standard equipment. Demonstrating that the Mini 25's beauty is much more than skin deep, however, is the free six-year corrosion warranty.

Opulence within

When it came to dressing the interior of this modern-day classic, the designers indulged their tastes almost regardless of expense, and came up with a truly sumptuous and irresistible treatment. Lavish, wall-to-wall luxury begins with full seat trimming, door casings and rear quarter casings in plush Rover-style grey Flint velvet fabric, with all piping in contrasting red velvet, Also reflecting this accent theme is red seat belt webbing. Deep cut pile carpet lies luxuriously underfoot, and there are carpeted kick strips on the doors together with handy storage bins.

Example of the Mini 25 interior livery

An excellent example of the Mini 25 interior livery showing the piping and red webbing of the seatbelts

The three-spoke leather-bound steering wheel, has a centra; '25' motif and the same motif is incorporated on the reclining front seat squabs. Velvet-trimmed height-adjustable head restraints feature on the front seats, but the real novelty here for the Minin25 is a pair of ingenious zipped velvet pockets, one on the front of each front seat cushion - ideal to keep small items tidy safe and clean. Other special '25' items include a tachometer within the triple-dial instrument binnacle, and a LW?MW push-button radio/stereo cassette player. Twin rear-shelf speaker pods are carefully angled for optimum acoustic quality. All these touches of opulent luxury combine with the blithe and happy nature of the Mini to create a permanent celebration on wheels. The Mini 25 has the legendary economy, agility and driving fun that has endeared the Mini to millions of people all over the world - which is why only 3,500 will be available in Britain - the rest of the production is earmarked for places as widely separated as France and Japan - so if you want to invest in this beautiful Jubilee edition, see your Austin Rover dealer very soon.

Souvenir programme of the Mini 25 celebrations at Donington Park

Souvenir programme of the Mini 25 celebrations at Donington Park

Mini 25 poster advertising the Donington Park festivities

Mini 25 poster advertising the Donington Park festivities

Proof of Parking

Proof of Parking and a nice souvenir of the day!

Austin Rover ad for the Mini 25

Austin Rover ad for the Mini 25

Official Merchandise (Souvenirs to you and me!)

Souvenir BrochureSouvenirs Price List

Price List of items available at Donington Park on the day

I seem to remember they weren't selling the full range at Castle Donington but I certainly ended up with mugs, a holder, a padded jacket and T-shirt eventually probably by 'mail order' - I may have some more small peripherals and a programme as well which will appear when I sort my photographs out.

1959 - 1979

Happy (low-key) 20th Birthday Mini!

Rare Magazine promoting the Mini 20

The first of the special editions and very low key in general - a rare find of a magazine cover celebrating this milestone

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