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Tennis Titanic Cover

Karl Behr

Dick Williams

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Fiona and that Calendar

And clothed!

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Lookalikes from Tennis and the Rest of the World!

Actor Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill who appeared in the Tudors and will be the next Superman

is a dead ringer for :

Tomasz Witkorowski

Tomasz Witkorowski newly appointed coach to Agnieszka Radwanska and the Davis Cup Captain for Poland.

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Miranda Raison

Miranda Raison, well known for her appearances in 'Spooks' and many other high-profile parts

is a dead ringer for

Sabine Lisicki

Sabine Lisicki - Germany's new bright young rising star.

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Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle Anwar best known for her leading role in Burn Notice

is a dead ringer for

Kveta Benesova

Kveta Benesova of the Czech Republic

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Who would have thought da Vinci would have known about the astonishing coincidence of two ladies both domiciled in Kraków?

Da Vinci's Lady with Stoat

Leonardo da Vinci painted the Lady with an Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani) in the 15th Century little realising that she would soon be transported to Kraków and reincarnated as .......

Agnieszka Radwanska

Agnieszka Radwanska, resident and famous daughter of Kraków.

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And now as Agnieszka (pictured here as very young lady)

Baby Agnieszka Radwanska

is expecting her own new little being (we wish her well during this uncertain period) how about a doppelganger for her then in

Nell from Neighbours

young Scarlett Anderson better known for her role as Nell Rebecchi in 'Neighbours'

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For a long time now the tennis world has been comparing Muhammad Ali ( formerly known as Cassius Clay)

Muhammad Ali

to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and they're not wrong are they?

Jo Wilfired Tsonga

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Who would have thought the author of a long-running Cornish romantic drama (Poldark) would have envisaged the character played by Jill Townsend

Jill Townsend

to be a dead ringer for Elena Dementieva

Elena Dementieva

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Boris Johnson, (Mayor of London) now PM is eerily reminiscent of

Boris Johnson

Boris Becker, coincidentally, Lord of Wimbledon

Boris Johnson

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Lisa Goddard, beloved by all by her early appearances in 'Skippy' morphs into

Liza Goddard

Australian Dianne Fromholtz Balestrat who continued to hold the Baton for Australia after Evonne Goolagong-Cawley's retirement.

Dianne Fromholz

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Amazingly we can even find tennis players in a soap opera:

Alize Cornet

Alize Cornet becomes the dead ringer for

Elizabeth Tippy Walker

'Tippy' Elizabeth Walker who starred in my all-time favourite soap opera - Peyton Place.

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On the day we received the sad news of Václav Pavel's death

Vaclav Havel

I couldn't be help being reminded of the great Czechoslovakian Wimbledon 1973 winner Jan Kodes

Jan Kodes

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Two Tennis players a few generations apart look remarkably alike - Mary Jo Fernandez reigned in the late 1980s

Mary Jo Fernandez

and now commentates on her younger lookalike Julia Goerges

Julia Goerges

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Popular Hollywood actor Bruce Davison

Bruce Davison

has more than a passing resemblance to Stefan Edberg.

Stefan Edberg

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Sorana Cîrstea much admired for her tennis skills

Sorana Cirstea

is remarkably like a young Nathalie Wood.

Nathalie Wood

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Elaine Page known for her stunning singing performances

Elaine Page

could be Caroline Wozniaki's elder sister.

Caroline Wozniaki

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Keeping faith with the tennis family - could you tell Greg Rusedski

Greg Rusedski

apart from Sam Querry?

Sam Querry

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Swedish Football International Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

must hope not too many people see his resemblance to Queens Club 'bad boy' David Nalbandian!

David Nalbandian

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The Kinks Ray Davies and actor Paul McGann could both easily be mistaken for

Ray Davies

Paul McGann

Game, Set and Mats Wilander

Mats Wilander

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Whilst watching Harry Potter Deathly Hallows P1 the other night it finally came to me that Elena Vesnina who had such a fabulous Wimbledon

Elena Vesnina

suddenly, magically morphed into 'Luna Lovegood' better known as Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch

Both have impish smiles and enormous eyes!

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When watching Gilles Muller of Luxembourg

Gilles Muller

I am often reminded of William Beck who plays a dead-pan grumpy doctor (with a soft interior he would never admit to) in the long running series 'Casualty.'

William Beck

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Whilst reading an article about the proposed comeback of Agneta Fälkstog (formerly of Abba)

Agneta Faltskog

I was struck by her resemblance to Ula (Urszula) Radwańska younger sister of Agnieszka (featured above)

Urszula Radwanska

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Watching the players arrive at the pre-Wimbledon party at the Roof Gardens in Kensington yesterday I was astounded at the resemblance between Angelika Kerber of Germany

Angelika Kerber

and actress Scarlett Johanssen

Scarlett Johanssen

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While watching a Wimbledon 2013 (who didn't) match featuring Mansour Bahrami - I had to have a laugh when he started whistling the 007 theme whilst playing Paul McNamara

Paul McNamara

who does, incredibly match up to 007 Daniel Craig very well

Daniel Craig

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Wimbledon 2013 full of surprises no less than a criticism of Andrew Jarret

Andrew Jarrett

who sometimes bears an uncanny resemblance to Tom actor Conti

Tom Conti

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Whilst watching the new espionage thriller 'Crossing Lines' I instantly saw the striking likeness between Tom Wlaschiha

Tom Wlaschiha

and 'Stanimal' Wawrinka!

Stan Wawrinka

Maybe it's the shared Slavic (Czech/Polish) genes?

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It is difficult to source an image of Jude Law

Jude Law

grinning from ear to ear but when he does he can fool anyone into believing that he has been earning tennis money and accolades disguised as Pat Cash

Pat Cash

or Russ Hutchins

Russ Hutchins

over two generations of tennis players!

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Jonas Bjorkman

Jonas Bjorkman was prominent at the 2017 Wimbledon Championships coaching Marin Cilic

Dawid Celt

but he couldn't fool me he was just pretending to be Aga Radwańska's hitting partner, fiancé and now husband Dawid Celt!

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Anna Pancaldi as Amelie Mauresmo

Watching television the other evening I espied Anna Pancaldi singing I honestly thought this new talent was

Amelie Mauresmo

Amelie Mauresmo - how wrong was I!

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Roger Federer

I just have, finally, put my finger on who Roger Federer has reminded me of all these years!

Stanley Baker

The late great Stanley Baker. a film of whose I was watching the other night and the penny finally dropped!

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Anna Kintaveitt as Vera Zvonareva

I don't get much occasion to watch the new players these days as I am still in mourning for Aga but as soon as I saw Anett Kontaveit I was immediately reminded of another favourite

Vera Zvonareva as Anna Konteveitt

of yesteryear - Vera Zvonareva!

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Being an incorrigible soap addict

Ostapenko as Smith

as well as a fan of televised tennis it didn't tale me long to remember who Jelena Ostapenko reminded me of -

Smith as Ostapenko

'Tiffany' played by Maisie Smith in 'Eastenders'

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Watching Donna Vekic flash her enormous smile at Wimbledon 2019

Donna Vekic as Mia Farrow

immediately transported me back to Peyton Place

Mia Farrow as Donna Vekic

and the gamine Mia Farrow

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It was great seeing Wayne Ferreira

Wayne Ferreira

back at Wimbledon in the 2019 Gentleman's Invitational

Bruce Johnstone

but I really had to concentrate and not think that I was actually watching my favourite Beach Boy Bruce Johnston out on court!

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This year I'm having to watch the US Open via Amazon Prime - not too bad a deal as I can cancel it any time up to 30 days after signing up and not get charged - so, on my second day of viewing I met the 'anchor team' of Annabel Croft, Greg Rusedski and (surprise) Daniela Hantuchova! The surprise was that having been watching recent news events, I thought I was seeing the 'First Lady' Melania Trump herself!

Daniela Hantuchova

Can you tell which is which?

Melania Trump

Trust me it's not easy!

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Interesting / Possibly previously unheard of Stuff

'Angelique' plays tennis way back in 1966!

MM amongst the daisies

Michele Mercier playing tennis in 1966

The divine Michèle Mercier, forever Angélique to millions, takes a break from filming in Paris in 1966 - images sourced from Pinterest here and here

A Giant Tennis Racket for a Very Small Girl!

A Giant Tennis Racket for a very small girl

A Giant Tennis Racket For A Very Small Girl - UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01: A Little Girl With A Pouting Expression Carrying A Giant Tennis Racket In England Between 1920 And 1930. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Glenarm College in Ilford or St Trinians? You choose!

Budding tennis players at Glenarm College 1930s

The future of tennis - TENNIS-SCHOOL - Schoolgirls of the Glenarm College in Ilford are taking tennis lessons in 1935. (Photo by STF/AFP via Getty Images)

And the 'Grown Up' version in Australia

Australian women tennis players

A Collective Tennis Class In Sydney in the 1930 - AUSTRALIA - January : Sydney, Australia. Women from the town's middle-class learning the tennis racket feathering in a tennis school. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

The Tennis Flirt!

Georges Pavis the Tennis Flirt

1928 - Georges Pavis - 'The Tennis Flirt' - image sourced from Pinterest

Hope nobody's looking .....

Two girls lighting up on court

Lovely little bit of mischief on court - 'Lighting Up After A Tennis Match - Two women lighting cigarettes on a tennis court in Essex, England circa 1930's.' (Photo by Keystone View/FPG/Getty Images)

'Crazy that way!" - 1930

Crazy that way 1930 Film Poster

Poster of the 1930 Film - image courtesy of : IMDB

Synopsis : 'Young heiress Ann Jordan and her fiancé Frank Oakes would be happy except for the constant appearance of Robert Metcalf, who follows her or them everywhere. This continues into their time at the country club, even interfering with tennis games. The two boys are constantly arguing, and Ann grows weary of them both, and after a knock down, drag out fight that destroys the Jordan garden, they realize she has fallen for an older man, Jack Gardner, an engineering friend of her father.' - Source : IMDB

Crazy that way 1930 film lobby card

Crazy That Way, lobbycard, from left, Regis Toomey, Joan Bennett, 1930. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Konta & Murray back new British Tennis member scheme

Membership :ogo for British Tennis

I do like a decent logo especially using our brilliant Union Jack flag and 'my colours' for a new tennis initiative

Even Cats dig Roger Federer

Roger Federed adored by black and white cat

During the Australian Open in 2017, this little cat called Rémy, who lives near New York couldn't help but urge Roger on - after all his 'mom' is a Swiss Miss.

'Advantage' Mice

A heartwarming story involving tennis balls and field mice.

Tennis ball as a nest

A natural harvest mouse nest and one fashioned from a tennis ball.  Photos by Alasdair Grubb

Field Mouse and Tennis Ball

Tennis balls provide perfect penthouses for harvest mice

23rd November 2015

You might not think there’s much to celebrate about a grubby old tennis ball, but these seemingly uninspiring objects are being put to use in an unusual way by one of our country’s cutest critters. This autumn (2015), wardens at the RSPB’s Dee Estuary nature reserve discovered an empty harvest mouse nest, alerting the team that these tiny creatures – not usually found so far north – had moved into their Cheshire site. Since then, the team have come up with a creative way of providing more homes for their resident rodents: by using old tennis balls.

Alasdair Grubb, warden at Dee Estuary nature reserve, said: “Sadly harvest mice numbers are falling in the UK due to changing farming practices and other pressures on our countryside, so we were delighted to discover they had made a home at Burton Mere Wetlands and were eager to find out how many and whereabouts they were living.”

Game, set, match!

The RSPB got in touch with a local tennis club to help deliver more of these unusual homes which, as well as an excellent recycling solution, will also allow harvest mice numbers to be more closely monitored. Alasdair continued: “Tennis balls might seem like an odd solution, but it’s actually a trick that’s been used with balls from Wimbledon for years. So, I contacted the tennis section at Neston Cricket Club and enquired if they would consider donating any of their used balls.

Mouse in tennis ball

“The club coach, Dan Stickland, was more than happy to help and provided 35 old tennis balls for me to drill a hole in and put around the reserve in suitable locations; which means next summer I’ll be able to revisit each tennis ball and see whether it has been used as a nest. “As well as allowing us a means of surveying the numbers, the tennis balls also protect the mice from predation and bad weather, and provide extra homes by giving them chance to nest in areas where there might be ample food, but not quite the right conditions.”

"Next summer I’ll be able to revisit each tennis ball and see whether it has been used as a nest”

Here's hoping the mice enjoyed their new homes to read more visit the RSPB here

Roland Garros goes Pink

Court no.1 was given a special makeover this year. In honour of Women’s Day at Roland Garros, the court was covered in bright fuchsia-coloured clay. Chris Evert, former world no.1 and seven-time French Open champion, and FFT president Jean Gachassin led the inauguration ceremony.

Evert was moved to reminisce about about her French Open days: “When I see the courts here, it makes me want to play again,” she said with a big smile, “but you’ll have to ask Martina if the colour changes the game.”

Two Perrier Legends Tournament semi-final matches were played on the new pink surface today: American Martina Navratilova and Czech Jana Novotna faced off against Frenchwomen Nathalie Tauziat and Sandrine Testud, followed by the Spanish-Croatian team Conchita Martinez and Iva Majoli versus the German-Austrian pairing of Anke Huber and Barbara Schett.

For the ladies out there who needed a little break from tennis-watching, a Women’s Village was set up on Court No.4. They could get a new hairdo, try out a wild new shade on their nails, or go work out those knots incurred from cheering on their favourite players with a quick massage.

Inauguration Group

From l to r : Natalie Tauziat, Sandrine Testud, Jana Novotna, FFT president Jean Gachassin, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova photo courtesy of Getty Images

Aeriel View of Pink Court

Thanks to the Roland Garros website and Getty Images for these remarkable pictures.

Roland Garros - Backdrop for 'Poirot'

Roland Garros (and Paris and Shoreham Airport and Le Bourget Airport) all featured in the Poirot episode entitled 'Death in the Clouds.'

Screen Dumps fro Poirot episode Death in the Clouds

"Did you know '@rolandgarros' modern court No.2 made it to 'Poirot' TV series in 'Death in the Clouds'? Poirot attended the 1935 final there - excellent compilation of screen dumps and dialogue sourced from Twitter

The 1935 French Championships (now known as the French Open) was a tennis tournament that took place on the outdoor clay courts at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, France. The tournament ran from 21st May until 2nd June. It was the 40th staging of the French Championships and the second Grand Slam tournament of the year. Fred Perry and Hilde Sperling won the singles titles.

Perry and von Cramm 1935 Roland Garros finalists

United Kingdom's Fred Perry (GBR) defeated Germany's Gottfried von Cramm (GER) 6–3, 3–6, 6–1, 6–3 - "Internationaux de France de tennis 1935
Fred Perry et Gottfried von Cramm avant la finale simple-messieurs au stade Roland-Garros à Paris, France le 2 juin 1935." (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) - image & dialogue courtesy & © of Getty

Titanic Survivors

2012 is a year for anniversaries all over the world and the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic also brings forth a tennis story - two young men, in addition to being survivors of one of the most infamous marine tragedies, also made their names in the world of tennis. Meet Richard Williams and Karl Behr.

Titanic Survivors

Titanic survivors Dick Williams (second from left) and Karl Behr (third from left) appear in this photograph from July 1914. (Credit: Underwood & Underwood/Corbis)

First of all I will admit to not knowing that any tennis players had survived the Titanic disaster, let alone that any were travelling and secondly - there is a lot of information available on the internet which can be found here, in addition to the information below.

Tennis stars among Titanic survivors

It’s a little-known fact that two future International Tennis Hall of Famers were among 713 survivors of the Titanic disaster that claimed 1,516 lives in the sinking of the world’s largest ship during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City on April 14, 1912. The tragedy struck about 1,000 miles east of Boston at 11:40 p.m. as the vessel crashed into an iceberg. By 2:45 a.m. on April 15, the ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea.

L. Jon Wertheim, writing in Sports Illustrated (April 2, 2012), identified the tennis players as Dick Williams of Philadelphia and Karl Behr of New York City. Williams was 21 and Behr 27 at the time of the mishap. Williams was born in Geneva where his father Charles had moved and became a European junior champion. Behr, a US Davis Cup mainstay, had advanced to the Wimbledon doubles finals with Beals Wright in 1907.

Another little-known fact about the Titanic that Wertheim disclosed was it had a squash court. On the two days that the ship sailed in luxury, Williams played squash to keep fit. The squash court and the boiler rooms were supposedly among the first places to flood when water began to gush into the ship after the crash.

Wertheim said Behr and his future wife Helen Newsom, 19, were accommodated in a lifeboat during evacuation proceedings by J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the Titanic owner White Star Lines. Women and children were given priority in the lifeboats but Behr jumped in because “Ismay allegedly told Behr and (Richard) Beckwith (Newsom’s stepfather) to get in the boat, too, because men were needed to help with the rowing.” Behr later claimed there were 45 to 50 passengers in the lifeboat which could’ve accommodated 15 or 20 more. The lifeboat was the second to leave the ship.

Williams wasn’t as lucky in finding space in a lifeboat. Wrapped in a fur coat, he jumped into the freezing water to abandon the sinking ship. Williams frantically swam towards a floating collapsible boat that had not been assembled and held on for dear life with some 30 others. Battling hypothermia, he was fished out after a three-hour wait by the crew of the steamer Carpathia that responded to a distress call. The fur coat was later recovered and given to Williams as a memento.

Believe it or not, three months later, Williams and Behr faced each other on the tennis court at the Longwood Bowl in Boston. Behr won, 0-6, 7-9, 6-2, 6-1, 6-4, in a classic match of titanic proportions. Two years later, Williams got back at Behr to carve out a 6-2, 6-2, 7-5 victory in the quarterfinals of the US Nationals – now known as the US Open – in Newport. They were teammates on the US Davis Cup squad in 1914.

Wertheim noted that Williams reigned as the US men’s singles champion in 1914 and 1916 and was on the 1920 Wimbledon doubles champion team. Williams saw action on the US squad that won the Davis Cup in 1925 and 1926. At the 1924 Olympics, Williams played on the champion mixed doubles pair. Williams, a decorated World War I hero with the US Army, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1957 and Behr posthumously in 1969.

Williams died in 1968 at the age of 77 and Behr in 1949 at the age of 64. They were both successful professionals in their post-tennis years. Williams became an investment banker while Behr a lawyer, banker and Board member of companies such as Goodyear and NCR.

To commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Titanic disaster, James Cameron reworked his Oscar-winning 1997 blockbuster movie, this time in 3-D, and the remake will open in Manila theaters on Saturday. The original version grossed about $1.8 Billion all over the world. There’s no telling if as many fans will pay to watch a replay of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in a more gripping and intimate portrayal of the tragedy but the betting is moviegoers won’t pass up the chance of reliving the epic experience. “Titanic” is in the record books as the second highest grossing movie of all time, behind Cameron’s other hit “Avatar” and the remake might just bring it over the top.

Williams inspired a scene in the movie. In the actual tragedy, he broke a door to save a trapped passenger and a liner official had the temerity to threaten a fine for destroying ship property. The incident is immortalized in the film.

Wertheim’s piece in Sports Illustrated was entitled “Unsinkable” and appeared in a six-page layout with this inviting introduction: “A century ago, more than 1,500 people died in the most famous shipwreck in history... two of the world’s best tennis players, Richard Williams and Karl Behr, survived the disaster – in very different ways.”  

RUMBLED - the man in the Black Hat!

Identified Steward Wimbledon

We've also now discovered the identity of the man in the black hat always visible in the Players box - whom the Wimbledon web-site describes as 'The AELTC's longest-serving honorary steward David Spearing, with 38 years of service behind him.'

That Calendar!

Thanks to an exhibition devoted to tennis ("Court On Canvas: Tennis In Art" which ran from May 27 to September 18, 2011 at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Birmingham), Fiona Walker, then Butler, has been reunited with the image to promote what organisers are billing as "the first exhibition on lawn tennis as a subject in art."

Apparently, more than two million copies of the "sexy" poster, which will appear in the exhibition, have been sold worldwide.

Just for fun, a clothed version of Fiona is shown on the sidebar. To read the full article as it appeared in the Daily Mail click here

Rennis Calendar Athena OriginalPippa Sppof Calendar

That Calendar parody!

Never one to miss out on an opportunity it seems, Pippa Middleton promoted Wimbledon 2013 in her own very special way with the help of Vanity Fair. A spoof article which appeared in the Daily Mail followed as a result of Vanity Fair keeping their version unavailable for general viewing.

The spoof features a lookalike in a modern reproduction of the iconic Athena Poster shot immortalised by Fiona Walker in the 1970s. However, whereas Fiona retained her anonymity for many years, the spoof has made no such concession (except to the body lookalike). Pippa, doomed forever to being affectionately known as 'Her Royal Hotness' following global admiration of her bridesmaids (rear) duties at the wedding of her sister, Catherine to Prince William of Wales is a prime target for featuring in a (not so very original) take on the Calendar shot.

For a reproduction of the article as it appeared in the Daily Mail click here

WTA - Strong is Beautiful Campaign

Strong is Beautiful Promo

The WTA unveiled a new global ad campaign with the tag line "Strong is Beautiful", featuring 38 current and next generation stars of the sport.

Drawing upon athleticism and grace - a unique combination that has turned the stars of the WTA into the most recognizable and followed female athletes on the planet - the campaign places the personal stories, pressures and dreams of the players front of stage. The creative is designed to support the WTA's efforts to establish a deeper engagement with fans around the world and to promote both the sport's next generation of players along with current established names.


As I'm an avid follower of tennis I have been struck at how similar some of the tennis players are to other well-known celebrities or public figures and in my youth Chris Evert and I were dead ringers for each other - so I'm devoting the sidebar to this fascinating aspect.

Australian Open LogoAustralian Open Logo

Have you ever wondered who's silhouette was used to represent the perfect service motion? Today I found out - the silhouette belongs to Stefan Edberg who has also been the latest addition to my lookalikes section.

Not to diminish Stefan in any way here is a short version of his major achievements:

MAJOR TITLES (8) - Australian singles, 1985, 1987; Wimbledon singles, 1988, 1990; US. singles, 1991, 1992, Australian doubles, 1987; US. doubles, 1987.

DAVIS CUP - 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996; record: 34-14 in singles, 12-8 in doubles, 6 finals, 4 Cups.

SINGLES RECORD IN THE MAJORS - Australian (56-11), French (30-13), Wimbledon (49-12), US. (39-11).

Mentoring and Coaching Roger Federer (2014-5)

Retro Advertising


Ad for Players Cigarettes


Dunlop Tennis Balls

Dunlop Tennis Balls are the best poster

Dunlop - The Champions Ball - image sourced from

Dunlop Tennis Balls are the best advertisement

Advert for the Dunlop Champions Ball as it appeared in 1930 - sourced from


Helen Wills Moody on the cover of Vanity Fair 1932

Helen Wills Moody on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1932 - this was the original image I discovered and since then .....

HWM Vanity Fiar Cover illustrated by  Miguel Covarrubias

The original illustration created by Miguel Covarrubias for the August 1932 cover of Vanity Fair - image sourced from Pinterest

Original sketch and provenance by Miguel Covarrubias

Provenance of HWM Vanity Fair Cover 1932

In 1985 Vanity Fair produced a 'Flashback' to this wonderful front page and provided information and a provenance for this eye-catching and innovative magazine cover although their reckoning then (in 1985) that Helen Wills Moody was 'unmatched' would probably, today, be disputed by Serena Williams. - Image courtesy & © of Archive Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Cover 1932 featuring Helen Wills Moody

And the finished article clearly showing the date and price on the bottom line and something that is not visible on the original picture I posted - the initials under the collar fastening - image sourced from Pinterest

The cover of Vogue 1927

The cover of Vogue 1927

Health Spas

Brides Les Bains spa

Léon Bénigni's "Brides les Bains en Savoie – La Station de la Femme Élégante" 1929 - image sourced from

I have to ask - what's not to love about this poster? I've loved it for years and used it originally as part of my template for the tennis section of this homage to Tennis. This poster is full of surprises and an education for me - first of all little did I realise that 'Brides les Bains' is actually a resort and a very popular one by general consensus - your can read more about that here. I was trying to make sense of the 'Brides' until I told myself not to polyglot and read French words the same as English words and by association give them the same meaning (you know 'Bathing Brides' as you might use on 'Bathing Beauties duh!) ... Léon BENIGNI (1892 - 1948) was a new illustrator for me too and what an exciting time frame he lived in - a short biography from tells us a bit more. "A leading fashion illustrator, draughtsman and lithographer, Léon Bénigni worked with such designers and couturiers as Jeanne Lanvin, Marcel Rochas, Elsa Schiaparelli, Lucien Lelong, Jacques Fath, Jean Patou, Nina Ricci and Cristôbal Balenciaga. He produced drawings and cover designs for such magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Femina, La Donna, Art Goût Beauté, The Bystander and Modes et Travaux, and also designed a number of travel posters in the 1920s and 1930s (notably one for the spa and ski resort of Brides-les-Bains in the Savoie region) and advertisements for Cadillac and LaSalle cars."


Travel by LNER poster

'The poster shows an elegant family playing (elegant) beach tennis on the sands at Zeebrugge'. Artwork by Jean Droit. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

Martini Rossi

Martini Rosso ad Paris Street 1936

Aperitif Rossi Paris 1936

Aperitif Rossi and Tennis Player 1936

Boulevard des Italiens, Paris 1936 'Parisians walk past lottery and vermouth advertisements on the City of Light’s Boulevard des Italiens in 1936. The poster for the national lottery says, "Try Your Luck."' - image created by Maynard Owen Williams (September 12, 1888-June 1963) and sourced from the National Geographic archives (National Geographic Image Collection 668261).

Talk about mysteries! I've enjoyed this image by Maynard Owen Williams* for many years, from the moment I saw it and wanted to know the provenance behind the Apéritif Rossi advert basically taking over the picture. It's proving very tricky however!

*'Maynard Owen Williams (September 12, 1888-June 1963) was a National Geographic correspondent from 1919. He was an inveterate traveller who began travelling in his teens, explored Asia and witnessed the Russian Revolution, among other adventures. In his own words a "camera-coolie and a roughneck", Williams was the Geographic's first foreign correspondent, and his reports include a description of the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1923. Maynard Williams was also an excellent photographer, and pioneered travel photography.'

I believe the artist/illustrator of the poster might be Jean Droit. I base this on the artwork on the label of the drink which is identified as his and he has created other curiously round-headed sporting figures, most notably that of a jockey also an advert for Martini & Rossi products. His work for the bottle label is described as 'Great classic advertising poster by Jean Droit. Created in the 1930's and published by Milano' by

Keeping with the tennis theme I also added Roland Garros into the mix thinking it might have been created especially for the French Open - needless to say I'm still searching.

Information request from Martini/Campari

I have requested information from Martini/Campari about this image and am in touch with the archivist but my namesake Anna S has asked me more questions than she was able to answer - I await a further reply.

Enquiry to RG about Martini Poster

I sent a similar enquiry to Roland Garros in early June and so far they have not responded - I used their web-site facility so would hope that it did reach its destination!

Southern Electric

1930s advertisement for travel by Southern Electric using a sports motif

'In Winter To Your Recreations by Southern Electric', SR poster, 1939. UK - JANUARY : Produced for the Southern Railway (SR). The artwork is by Betty Pinney. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

The Dairy Council - 1930s

Drink Milk Dairy Council ad 1930s

The Dairy Council used several sports (tennis, swimming, cycling, athletics and Guide & Scouting activities - both genders were encouraged) to promote drinking milk - image sourced from and courtesy of : Heritage Auctions

Present Day Advertising

The London Transport Museum is reproducing its original artwork on a variety of popular memorabilia.


Tennis Coaster depicting 1930 artwork

A set of 4 coasters


1930 Wimbledon Poster by Charles Burton

I particularly like these coasters based on the original poster by a 1930 Charles Burton

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