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This page will feature imagery that we particularly like or find interesting or quirky - who is to say what is art and what its confines are - from da Vinci's 'The Lady and the Ermine' to 'Simon's Cat' or the Gothic style of the 1930s to the flower fairies of Cicely Mary Barker, sculptures, textile designs, anything visual is welcome here!

2019 - Wallpaper & Cushions!

Oh be still my beating heart - my favourite combination : anemones and purple - I must have died and gone to heaven!

Anemones ensemble

The wallpaper in all its splendour accompanied by cusihions on the sofa!

Anemone Wallpaper

Detail of the wallpaper design

Anemone Cushion

Enlarged image of the cushion cover - images sourced from Wallpaper and

2018 - Gin at 'The Midland Hotel'

Gin Cocktail at the Midland Hotel

Even if you don't drink gin - wouldn't you want to just sit and stare at this? A Midland Hotel special made with their own bespoke Gin No. 10

2018 - Brexit

Pack up your Troubles Brexit

'Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile ...' do I need to go on? This is a pitch-perfect interpretation of the stalwart Brit who will take it on the chin and keep marching, whistling, singing and smiling - nice image from iStock

Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag
And smile, smile, smile
While you've a lucifer to light your fag
Smile, boys, that's the style!
What's the use of worrying?
It never was worthwhile
So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag
And smile, smile, smile

This song is a World War I marching song published in 1915 in London. It was written by Welsh songwriter George Henry Powell under the pseudonym of "George Asaf", and set to music by his brother Felix Powell. It became a staple of various music hall stars and helped to boost the morale of the British public during the war. - Source :

2018 - Brexit & Banksy

Although this dates from post-referendum as the furore continues towards the deal/no-deal exit date I felt it was the time (2018) to place this remarkable work of imagery here and now.

 Banksy Euro Artwork

The 'Banksy' Brexit Mural in Dover - The building the artwork is on is due to be torn down as part of a regeneration project - image and dialogue sourced from BBC News (original web-page dated 10th May 2017)

Close up detail of the Banksy Euro Artwork

The removal of the star causes cracks to the rest of the EU symbol - image and dialogue sourced from BBC News

Banksy 'Brexit' mural could be removed from Dover

A Banksy mural showing a star being chiselled from the EU flag could be removed and sold, the owners have said. The artwork appeared near Dover's ferry terminal on Sunday on a building that is due to be demolished. The Godden family, which owns the property, said they were looking at options with the Bankrobber Gallery in London for the latest Banksy creation. The family previously lost a High Court battle after trying to sell another mural by the artist that they owned. The Goddens said: "We are exploring options for the retention, removal or sale of the [Dover} piece. "We will look to benefit local charities with proceeds from any sale of the piece," added the family, which has a large property portfolio. Dover District Council has said it will be using CCTV to monitor the artwork, on York Street, after it was defaced.

2018 - The Fairy of the Lake

The Faity of the Lake

The Fairy of the Lake by Margaret Tarrant - image courtesy of Chris Beetles Gallery

Margaret Winifred Tarrant (1888-1959)

From the late 1900s, Margaret Tarrant was preoccupied with chronicling innocent childhood in its many moods and its great variety of activities. From 1920, her talents were channelled by her most important business relationship, with the Medici Society, which still publishes her books, cards and calendars today. Though her approach could seem highly idealised, even romanticised, its success lies in the degree to which it was grounded in close observation and the discipline of drawing from life.

Margaret Tarrant was born in Battersea, London, on 19 August 1888, the only child of the painter and illustrator, Percy Tarrant, who encouraged her early artistic talents. She grew up in Margate, Kent, and Clapham, London, and was educated at Clapham High School (1898-1905), where she won several prizes for drawing. In 1905, she began to train as an art teacher, but a lack of confidence in her ability to teach led her father to guide her into his own profession of illustrator. Soon after the family's move to Gomshall, Surrey, she illustrated her first book, a new edition of Kingsley's The Water Babies (1908), and, from then on, was preoccupied with chronicling childhood in its innocence, its many moods and its great variety of activities. Developing her talents through many and varied commissions and through further studies at the Heatherley School of Fine Art (1918, 1921, 1923), she also exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1914 and 1927, and at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

Tarrant began her most important business relationship only in 1920, with the Medici Society; ranging from books to calendars, her work for Medici gave her wide exposure and made her a much-loved figure throughout the 1920s and 30s. Following the death of her parents in 1934, she moved to Peaslake, Surrey, and made friends with the artist Molly Brett, whom she met on a course at Guildford School of Art. However, she was able to accept her circumstances and return to painting only in 1936, when the Medici Society sent her to Palestine; from that time, her religious paintings took on a new aspect. She continued to work until 1953, when her health, and particularly her eyesight, deteriorated. In 1958, she finally let her house in Peaslake, and joined Molly Brett in Cornwall. However, she died at her home, Troon, Wonham Way, Peaslake, on 28 July 1959. Source : Chris Beetles

2018 - Royal Brides

Five glamorous royal brides

I found this image on the day HRH Princess Eugenie of York was married in Windsor - I hope I'll be able to update it at some point as she was a very fitting bride to add to these royal brides! From l to r - HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Diana, Princess of Wales, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge and HRH the Duchess of Sussex - image sourced from and thanks to -

2018 - Garden Paint

Lavender Brush
Rosemary BrushShell Brush

Don't think anyone can accuse this campaign of being as 'boring as watching paint dry - it is just such a great idea! There are many more hues and I hope they all get their individual design.

Lavender Brush solo Rosemary Brush solo Shell Brush solo

Such imaginative artwork featuring l to r Lavender, Rosemary and natural Shell

Lavender brush artwork

What can I say - it's my favourite! With many thanks to Cuprinol for and adverts and artwork

2018 - Iced Biscuits / Cookies

Vase of iced biscuits

Iced Biscuits too pretty to eat!

"How to make the perfect iced biscuits: The Biscuiteers' guide to decorating" - Images courtesy of The Telegraph Magazine website © Katie Hammond

I think I should be happy just to look at them because everything about this piece of imagery appeals to me - the colours used, the arrangement, the concept and the completion of an idea!

2018 - JPII Cross on Giewont (Tatra Mountains)

Giewont Peak at night

Taken on the 13th anniversary of the death of John Paul II - 2nd April 2018

Giewont Peak in the snow

Giewont (in the Tatra Mountains and teeming with legendary tales) now marked with a commemorative cross for the late John Paul II - images courtesy & © of Bartłomiej Jurecki sourced from 'Love Poland'

Close-up of the cross - it was announced that the cross would not be lit up on the anniversary of the Pope's death - it seems others thought differently and created the stunning image above!

2017 - Christmas Season

Simple Christmas imagery design

Simple use of basic shapes (as found on Fb) immediately evoking a forest of Christmas Trees in the snow - I love the simplicity!

2017 - The Perfect Autumn/Winter 'Trainers'

Purple and Green Trainers

Perfect! My favourite colour combo! The 2017 Autumn/Winter Running Shoes from Under Armour Girls Range

Described as :

Autumn/Winter 2017 Running Shoes United Kingdom Under Armour Engage Bl - Girls Mosaic/Crystal/Exotic Bloom 9519-339 Shoes Under Armour Engage BL - Girls' Preschool

Stay ahead of the pack with the Under Armour Micro G Engage BL.

- Breathable mesh upper with structural overlays for extra support. 
- Foam midsole creates an incredibly lightweight and responsive ride.
- Strategically placed flex grooves deliver a naturally-cushioned ride that moves with your foot.
- Solid non-marking rubber outsole in high-wear areas for long-lasting durability.

2017 - 19th July - Kate & Charlotte in Poland

Duchess of Cambridge and Charlotte in Poland

With matching bouquets no less - charming picture from the © Vogue 'style in pictures' gallery

2017 - The 'not' Royal Wedding

Pippa Middleton alternative royal wedding May 2017

I absolutely adore this image of Pippa, newly married, setting off for her reception/wedding breakfast (the guests had to walk) - it's such a natural shot, not staged at all! Thanks to GC/Getty for the image and the hours of joy it will bring.

But is Pippa morphing into the late Duchess of Windsor?

2012 - Lowdham, Nottinghamshire

Golden Olympic Postbox

Lowdham in Nottinghamshire a gold painted postbox commemorating the gold medal success of Richard Whitehead Gold Medal Athletics: Men's 200m - T42 in the 2012 London Olympics & Paralympics

Map of the Gold Boxes commemorating the Gold Medal wins of 2012

Visit the interactive Gold Postbox site to see more

2012 - 'Lunar Plane now landing'

- Remarkable images of a blood-red moon with the beautiful Albert Bridge as its 'backdrop' at the front!

- The lunar plane now arriving... The striking blood-red moon pictured over London as aircraft passes in front.

"As their plane soared across a spectacular orange globe, anyone on board must have felt, well, over the moon.
However, while a full moon is often associated with madness, there is a more rational explanation for this dramatic image than the inauguration of lunar flights.
The passenger jet passed across the face of the sphere in the midnight blue sky just as it was bathed in the glow of the setting sun, creating this striking scene last night.
The photograph was taken close to Albert Bridge in West London. The Grade II listed monument was built in 1873 and will mark the starting point of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla on June 3. " Source : Daily Mail

Moon and Plane

A plane passes the full moon as it rises over Albert Bridge on Monday night - copyright Getty Images

Moon in London Moon and Bridge

City lights: A passer-by walks over Battersea bridge as the scarlet globe glows in the sky ahead of a freezing night - copyright the Press Association

1953 - Radio Times Cover for the coronation of Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

RT Commemorative 1953

1929 - London Midland Scottish (LMS) Railway

LMS Porterage advertised in 1929

Poster: "The LMS Collect Carry and Deliver your Parcels" The Railway Magazine May 1929 - image and description sourced via The Brighton Toy & Model Museum

1922 - Sergei Eisenstein

I only ever think of Eisenstein as directing "Ivan the Terrible" and "Battleship Potemkin" - but there is so much more including this remarkable sketch!

Costume design for Lady Utterword of George Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House 1922

Costume design for Lady Utterword of George Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House (1922) - Source :

Undated and Timeless :

Artistic Hallowe'en

Baba Studio Artistic Halloween

From the Baba Studio a tasteful Halloween arrangement


Books for March

I just love this even though it does entice you to read in March! I read any time, anywhere, most subjects and it's spooky how so many of my preferred authors are mentioned! To appreciate my appreciation of books please visit here and for my subsequent reviews here - designed by Albert Solon (1897-1973) and sourced from

Additional Information : Arts Books Poster : It's March! - "Read the Books You've Always Meant to Read" During the Depression-era Work Progress Administration (WPA)'s years, artists were employed to create many Library Project posters. Here's one done for the Illinois Art Project. Reading is always a good idea ... even in the wind! Source : New Jersey Historic Preservation Office

Fairytale stack of books

I also love this row of medieval/fairy-tale/east european influenced books and wish my street looked like this! I'd love to credit the artist/source and will as soon as I find out more but in the meantime pinterest has some similar images.

Catch 'em Young!

Twin Poland supporters

Couldn't resist this little bit of patriotic fervour and the pure joy in these kiddies faces!


The Little Mermaid Disney

This is so un-Disney and really appeals to me, not to mention the colours which of course I adore!

Fairies - Three lovely examples of : Lavender, Fuchsia and Holly

Lavender Fairy Fuchsia Fairy Holly Fairy


Girls in a row

A group of girls out for a stroll, not at all self-conscious and giving a fantastic insight into the everyday fashions of the day! - Source : Getty Hulton Archive

Flappers in Hollywoodland 1920s

Supremely fabulous composition of two flappers above the 'Hollywoodland' sign!

"Laissez les bon temps rouler"

New Orleans famous Beignets

Let the good times roll indeed and don't forget New Orleans Café du Monde exquisite and unique beignets!

Lightning Strikes

Lightning has been striking religious monuments with increasing regularity, the latest being the gigantic Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro - with thanks to the Daily Mail and Getty Images for the pictures and narrative.

Using a spectacularly irreverent heading the Daily Mail states :

Well... he is Jesus! Lightning bolt looks like it's being thrown from the hand of Brazil's famous Christ the Redeemer statue during spectacular storm

By James Nye PUBLISHED: 05:47, 17 January 2014 | UPDATED: 08:54, 18 January 2014

This is the staggering moment that the 100-foot tall statue of Jesus that towers over Rio de Janeiro was hit by lightning.
The Christ the Redeemer statue was struck in the early hours of Wednesday morning as a spectacular electrical storm lit up the sky. The iconic statue is the largest stone-work of Jesus ever built and stands more than 2,000 feet above Rio on top of the Corcovado Hill.
It was hit by lightning in February 2008 and had to undergo a serious restoration because the bolt damaged its head and chipped the right thumb
Named one of the seven new wonders of the world in 2007, the statue is made of 700 tonnes of reinforced concrete. (See also Tributes)

Christ the Redeemer struck by lightning

Divine: A lightning flashes over the statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of the Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on January 16, 2014

Christ the Redeemer struck by lightning

View of lightning that strikes next to the statue Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16 January 2014. The city has suffered a strong storm that left neighbourhoods without power and flooded streets - copyright EPA

Christ the Redeemer struck by lightning

Awesome: Lightning flashes over the Christ the Redeemer statue on top of Corcovado Hill in Rio de Janeiro on January 14, 2014
Thanks to Getty / AFP for the images

London Underground Business as Usual

WWII spirit of solidarity

Evoking the spirit of WWII in the London Underground - this spoof reminds us of the more famous 'Keep Calm' campaign!

Paper Art

Native American Paper Art

Sculptures of Native American scenes made out of paper by Allen and Patty Eckman - I just find these extraordinary! (You'll find more by following the links)

Patriotic Polkas

Polka attributed to Rosellen

Polka duet attributed to Grisi

A couple of drawings of the Polka I came across whilst researching for the ballet pages

Pink Typewriters!

Actually, if you do a search on Google it comes up with a page of fascinating images of pink (retro of course, can't be happening in today's pc world) manual typewriters and this example in the Getty collection was used in illustrating an excellent article in the Daily Mail.

Retro Pink Typewriter

There's just something about 'undercoat' pink isn't there? Image courtesy & © of Getty described only as "Antique, pink typewriter on desk with stack of paper" so I'm guessing this might have been around in the mid to late 1950s!

Multiple examples of pink typewriters

See what I mean about searching Google?

Polish Glasswork

A forest of Polish stylised glassework

A meadow of flowers or a forest of mushrooms - I'm ecstatic about this beautiful art - provenance to follow when I find out more!

Polish Patriotic Easter

Evolution of the Polish Eagle

Evolution of the Polish (national emblem) Eagle (not quite up to date as the crown was restored after 'Solidarity' tore down the Iron Curtain

Patriotic Polis Easter Egg featuring crowned eagle

I've never seen a patriotic Easter Egg before - this is a long way away from the customary and very beautiful 'pisanki' that we normally see - come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a Union Jack Easter Egg before either so is this unique. Using a medieval design of the crowned white eagle this is a beautiful, original and very symbolic use of the national emblem.

Posy from Morecambe

A posy of flowers

I just loved this on sight - such a lovely posy of pansies and or heartsease and sweet peas

'Salute the Spirit of 1940'

Advert for the Spirit of 1940 no advertising and no legend

Advert for the Spirit of 1940 no advertising

Advert for the Spirit of 1940

The Chrysler & the Empire State Building

Chrysleer Building

Different angle to show the Chrysler gargoyles

Empire State Building

Just a bit of fun and clever photography

The Elizabeth Tower - Cleaning Big Ben

Big Ben Clock Face Clean 2014

The team of cleaners abseiled down from the top of the tower to clean the face of the famous clock - with thanks to the Press Association and the Daily Mail for this remarkable image of Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleer and Arpels banner

Van Cleef and Arpels Ruby Brooch

Van Cllef & Arpels Estee Lauder

Just madly in love with this Van Cleef & Arpels 'mystery set' ruby work - the lower picture was formerly the property of Estée Lauder (commissioned circa 1940) which was sold at auction in aid of breast cancer.

VW 'Emissions' Scandal

Four VW Beatles parody

Remember the VW 'Emissions' Scandal - good imagery to dissipate the more unpleasant side of the story!

Wollaton Hall - In my sister's Back Yard

Wollaton Hall and SuperMoon

Well, not quite in her back yard (we have gardens) but what a view of Wollaton Hall! Thanks to the Nottingham Evening Post for featuring this remarkable image.

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