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100 year Polish Independence

Three Beefeaters Lighting up new 2018 Poppy Initiative at the Tower of London

Hug your Cat Day 2018

Silhouette initiative with Chelsea Pensioner

Elsie Mo pump clip

McFederer on the bagpipes

9th September 2017

Anne Golon 1957

Manchester Black Heart

Not afraid Tube sign

London Skyline

Soviet Star

HM Sapphire

Johana Konta

Aga wins New Haven 2016

Heather Watson Wimbledon 2016

HM Queen New Stamps New stamp issue for 90th birthday Link to imagery page

Naked Nazis by Alan Stafford Naked Nazis Book Cover

JJuliette Benzoni

Davis Cup Trophy

Remembrance Day Poster Competition

Revised 2001 Tribute

Arthur Ashe 1975

Arthur Ashe Dispatch article Aga Keep Calm

Newspaper Article Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee remembered Commemorative Coin

Commemorative Coin Dad in Uniform

DM Prince Harry Story Katyn page link Hopman Cup 2013

Anzac Day

St George Mini

John Paul II in prayer

Phil Everly

Re-release of 1957 Angelique book

Ravilious Mural 1933

Arty telephone kiosk

Scala Cinema

Bastille Day Artwork

Wimbledon Champion 2013

Twiggy in Biba

Television Centre For Sale

Australia Day 2013

Murray Gold Medallist

Olympic Logo

Crown Topiary

BB at DodgerStadium

Kiosk Hoisted

Pie_Eyed Ale

Totty Beer

Havel Funeral Portrait

Remembrance Poppy 90

The 9_11 Firemen

Juventus Team

Top 10 Car Feature

OMG Page Launched 18.07.11

Dr Who Mini

Bastille Day Rabbit

The iconic Tennis Poster

BH OBE 2012

The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell

D-Day Logo

Armed Forces Day Logo

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Wedding

Pippa at the Royal Wedding



Welcome to Anna and Andrew's Home Page

Tiny Me around three years old Link to Annas page Andrew as a Tiny Tot Link to Andrews personal page

Please click on an image or follow this link to find out more about 'Us'

"Only when one has lost all curiosity about the future has one reached the age to write an autobiography" - Evelyn Waugh

Happy New Year 2019 Greeting

24th/25th December 2018

Wesolych Swiat


Wishing all our visitors a Happy & Peaceful Christmas

6th December 2018

Compilation St Nicholas Images

St. Nicholas / Sw Mikołaj

November 2018

Slawek sworn in

Cousin Sławek Hajos proudly sworn in on 21st November 2018 - image courtesy & © of

One Voice Campaign How this affects me

1950's Women are being cheated out of their expected pension entitlement. ONE VOICE' is an initiative to hold the direction of the various women and groups, fighting together for one common goal. To secure back our earned dues.

Three Beefeaters Lighting up new 2018 Poppy Initiative at the Tower of London

The poppies at the Tower of London proved to be one of the most powerful and popular pieces of contemporary art this country has ever seen when they filled the great moat in 2014 to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War - Three Yeomen Warders of the Tower (Beefeaters) lighting up new 2018 Poppy Initiative at the Tower of London


Poland's Independence Centenery

hashtag PL100

The Presidential Palace and the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw

The Presidential Palace and the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw have been lit up in the colours of the Polish national flag to mark the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence in 2018.

Matthew Schmitz on Twitter Probably the best banner at the Poland independence march

The Independence March in Warszawa showing beaten oppressors of the past - Twitter

A sea of flags commemorating Poland's centenery independence

A sea of flags commemorating Poland's centenery independence

August 2018

Marie Curie

20 Women who changed history

Marie Curie-Sklodowska

This web-site is constantly under review and still being constructed or updated so do please keep visiting to see what is new you never know what you might discover! Try the 'What's New' links here - Aga / Angelique / Remembrance Day


Walking Cat

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Previous Noteable Front Page Stories

Cousin Slawek Slawek Hajos on my mother's side

One Voice Campaign Anna Shaped Daily Telegraph

World Cup Willie 1966

Marie Curie

Kensington Palace Logo

Philco Radio

St Nicholas Cookie

New Tower Poppy Initiative

Cambridge's baby no 3 on way

Aga's Wedding Shoes

Jo Konta Miami win

Prime Minister Theresa May signing Brexit letter

Holocaust Logo

Haggis Link to the address

Aga Beijing Champion 2016

Wajda with award

UJ Hot Air Balloon

Aga receiving award

Red and White Rose

Alan Rickman RIP

Aga 2015 Szenzhen

Barbara Hulanicki

Pray for Paris

Aga Radwanska

Faberge Seahorse link to Faberge site Link to local page

Les Rois Maudits republishing

Catherine republishing

Mr Bean Mini 25 year anniversary

AAN Link to RIP Link to Obituary Link to Marysia page Remember the Fallen Coin Image

Ceramic Poppy

ChangeOrg petition link

Radwanska triumph in Montreal 2014

Kiosk Art

Torvill and Dean

John Simm Prey

Mini voted best car

Baby Oleg

Easter Egg

New film ad for Angelique

Maltese Falcon statuette

Inscribed Goblet Competition Winner

Agent Maiya Toy

Byron Cinema

Kate, Wills, Baby

Announcement of Royal Baby

Papal Announcement

Monopoly Cat


Aga Brussels Trophy

Elizabeth and Margaret 1937


Save Sergei

HNY 2012

Anne Golon 90th birthday

St Nicholas

Saved Squirrel Kittens

Sergei's Billboard

Novak and Kveta Wimbledon Champions

LJB with Siamese and Cat

John Paul II Commemorative Stamp

John Paul II Unveiling